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Donald Trump’s Strategic Communications Director Hope Hicks, age 27, broke up with her boyfriend of more than six years due to Trump‘s election campaign. The relationship between Hicks and her partner was going well until campaign; it created misunderstanding between the couple.

Former Model and dead ringer for Super model Hilary Rodha, Hope Hicks, was intensely busy in Trump’s campaign which was worth it; after all Trump won the Presidency with 306 electoral votes against Hillary Clinton. As the result of her busy schedule, Hicks and her long term boyfriend had to split up. Despite this depressing fact Hicks remained calm and determined through out the election.

Hope Hicks in hometown magazine coveer of 2002. She is previously a model.
Hope Hicks in hometown magazine cover of 2002. She was previously a model.

However, the campaign might not be the only reason that made Hope and her boyfriend separated. She hasn’t spoken about it particularly so you can guess. The name of her former date is not disclosed publicly.

Donald Trump and Hope Hicks having dinner.
Donald Trump and Hope Hicks having dinner.

During the campaign there used to be more than two hundred fifty media requests to meet Trump which was solely handled by Hope Hicks. She must be extremely busy during the entire campaign. She is known to execute her work efficiently although she has no experience in political activities. Her college friend confirms that her work ethics were very good.

Hope Hicks listening to President Donald Trump in conference.
Hope Hicks listening to President Donald Trump in Republican rally at Iowa.

Hope Hicks might be new in politics but her family is not. Her parents Paul and Caye were both from political background. Her father was Republican and her mother was Democrat.

Hope Hicks with her Sister Mary Grace Hicks (left), Father Paul Hicks and her mother Caye Hicks.
Hope Hicks with her Sister Mary Grace Hicks (left), Father Paul Hicks and her mother Caye Hicks.

Before meeting Donald, Hope was modelling for his daughter Ivanka Trump with her collection of jewellery and brand. Working with Ivanka made her closer to Donald and she impressed him. Trump considered Hope as outstanding and understanding.

Hicks is the youngest member on Trump’s administrative team. Corey Lewandowski was another young person before Trump fired him from the position of campaign manager and replaced with Kellyanne Conway. Conway and Hicks are top women in The White House now. Also, Trump thanked both and bring them on stage in his victory rally in Alabama.

Hope Hicks with Kellyanne Conway. The two powerful women in Donald Trump's administration in White House.
Hope Hicks with Kellyanne Conway. The two powerful women in Donald Trump’s administration in White House.

Kellyanne is the counselor to the president and her husband George Conway might be next US Solicitor general if he gets approval from senates. George had defended Paula Jones against former president Bill Clinton in sexual harassment case. Kellyanne is also known as the cleaner of all the mess that Trump created in his speeches and tweets.



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Hope Hicks and her boyfriend broke up due to President Trump’s Campaign

      1. No, Trump is truly the lowest of the lowest, and a very, very nasty person. He mocks the disabled, cheats on his wives, sexually assaults women, colludes with foreign countries, and is set out to destroy our Constitution. He is the WORST PRESIDENT EVER!

        1. The lost kind of person on the planet is someone that backs a criminal candidate like CLINTON. She defends rapists and pedophiles. She’s a thief and a LIAR.You have no character or morals

      1. …and a Republican controlled govt cannot prosecute HRC because … no evidence for those bogus claims 🙂 DJT is a traitor to USA, correct?

  1. I heard she had an affair with Corey Lewandowski and is sleeping with Donny now. Look at the creepy was he is at looking her. You know he cannot control himself. Gross.

      1. So U defend a prez that does porn stars and has 19 women charge him with sec harassment. U r quite the man. The clintons aren’t in the White House destroying our democracy. Move on

  2. Bet “the Hopester” is the next Mrs. Trump! Would love to see how he shuffles both his wife and Hope in the White House!

  3. is that hope hicks mom on the far right in the picture of her family? if so, she looks JUST like the sister on hope’s left…and check out those guns! someone’s been working out.

  4. Nobody can prove she has had a boyfriend for six years. She doesn’t even know who the guy is?? It’s all made up by her public relations dad Paul Hicks who lied for the NFL and is now representing a foreign PR firm WPP Plc run by British operative Sir Martin Sorrell who bought GPG Plc from Clinton’s Press Fairy Joe Lockart who’s helping the NFL players to fall on their asses!

  5. No proof she is doing anything untoward. However, being associated with skin crawling Trump is disappointing. Much, much easier on the eyes than Conway and Huckabee Sanders.

  6. Screwing around on Melania, just shows how despicable El Cheato is…Win, win, win,…no matter who is hurt, as long as he get’s his cookies off…

  7. I am watching an interview with Wolf about “Fire and Fury”. I checked out some links and the fact that Trump frequently asks everyone to leave his private cabin on Air Force One, except Hope Hicks makes me wonder, given the fact that he has boasted about his habit of “Grabbing them by the….” He has praised her effusively.

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