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Megyn Kelly is arguably the most popular television journalist in the world. Having done numerous shows such as The Kelly File, American Live and America’s Newsroom, Megyn has amassed a huge net worth of over $15 million.

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Megyn Kelly Earnings

In 2013, Megyn Kelly received an estimated amount of $6 million from Fox News. After that, she renegotiated the rates and reportedly had a massive increment to around $15 million for the final year at Fox News. Since her lucrative contract was ending in January, the news giant Fox News offered more than $20 million to keep Kelly on board. This would make her one of the highest-paid anchors in the world.

Despite the huge amount offered by Fox News, Kelly decided to move to NBC News, another American television giant. Although the actual amount she was offered to join NBC hasn’t been released, it’s speculated that it must be well over what the Fox News offered. This speculation comes as Kelly tacitly imposed a ‘bidding war’ between the two news giants. Reportedly, it wasn’t just salary that lured Kelly into NBC; the working hours are supposedly at her new work station.

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Megyn Kelly amassed an extraordinarily huge net worth – not just from anchoring job, but also from authoring books. She received an advance of $6 million from Harper Collins, a world-renowned publisher, to write a book. With a rating of 4 out of 5 by Goodreads, the book Settle For More was released on November 15, 2016. About 2 million copies were printed in the first edition.

How high does Kelly earn in comparison to others?

Interestingly, a news anchor earns an average of just about $84,000 annually in the US. In contrast, the nationally renowned news anchors astoundingly higher than that mere amount. Kelly herself is expected to earn more than $20 million a year.

Likewise, the highest paid Matt Lauer takes $25 million and Bill O’Reilly pockets around $24 million. However, some other sources cite different amounts. The other famous anchor Anderson Cooper earned $11 million a year from CNN and has a whopping net worth of a $100 million. Katie Couric was banking $10 million a year while at Yahoo and $15 million a year at CBS News.

Moreover, another famous reporter Savannah Guthrie holds a $500,000 a year contract. As evident, there is huge pay difference in the same profession, mainly between the top-level journalists and average earners.

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