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Twenty Seven Year old Hope Hicks is a former model and the press secretary of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s presidential Campaign.

Hicks is a product not of Washington but of the Trump Organization, a marble-walled universe where one’s delightful agreeability and ferocious loyalty are worth more than conventional experience.Hicks  graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where she played lacrosse for four years.

She is highly intelligent and brought that to the field in every game. She was the ultimate team player and the competitor. Hicks—who never appears on TV and rarely talks to reporters—resembles a traditional political spokesperson about as much as Trump resembles Mister Rogers.

Hope Hicks family

She is young woman juggling Trump’s message who was from Greenwich, Connecticut, a wealthy suburb of New York. Her dad, Paul Hicks III, was a top executive at a PR firm and the NFL’s executive vice president of communications before his current job: managing director at the Glover Park Group. Paul Hicks, her late grandfather, was vice president and general manager of public relations for Texaco. She is currently living in a Trump apartment in New York City when she is not traveling.

Hope Hicks; also a fashion model

Her career started in 2012, when she joined the public relations firm Hiltzik Strategies. There, she worked with the Trump organization, according to the Washington Post. As an employee of PR firm Hiltzik Strategies, Hicks began working with Ivanka Trump on her fashion line in 2012, and then on other Trump ventures.

In Trump’s Presidential campaign

She has no political experience prior to Trump Campaign. In August 2014 she joined the Trump Organization full-time Donald Trump earmarked her for the role of press secretary in January 2015 when planning for a potential presidential run. Trump called her into his office and said he was making her the press secretary for his upcoming presidential campaign, which officially started in June. After Trump’s first primary victories, Hicks was asked to make a choice between staying with the Trump Organization and fully pledging herself to the campaign. Her initial decision was to leave the campaign, but Trump convinced her to remain and she has stayed on as press secretary.It is probabaly because of the huge net worth she has but we really can’t decide for her.

Hicks is the sole gatekeeper for Trump’s media requests. She reportedly receives upward of 250 requests to speak with Trump per day, but “she alone decides who gets in and who’s kept out, Hicks is the sole gatekeeper for Trump’s media requests. She reportedly receives upward of 250 requests to speak with Trump per day, but “she alone decides who gets in and who’s kept out.

Affair with Corey Lewandowski?

Her intense work schedule on Trump’s campaign caused the breakup with her boyfriend of six years.

She’s the only young woman in Trump’s inner circle — which included Corey Lewandowski; an American political operative. He is a political commentator at CNN and the former campaign manager of businessman Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign for President of the United States from January 2015 to June 2016.

Trump fired Lewandowski on June 20, 2016, the campaign manager charged with battery after he allegedly roughed up a female reporter. Hicks’s job has included issuing statements in defense of Lewandowski. He was replaced by Kellyanne Conway.

Donald Trump was seeking legation action against a former staffer for going to the press about an alleged affair between two unnamed Trump staffers former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and press secretary Hope Hicks were secret lovers.

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