So for most of those following the 2016 US election it came as a shock that a super-rich media mogul Donald Trump won over the more politically experienced white house veteran Hillary Clinton. Losing was pretty hardcore and its aftershocks resulted in mass protest all over America. Well, that’s what the media tells you to believe if you keep reading I bet we can convince you why Clinton had to loose.

1) The deaths

For all those who tried to testify against her or knew too much about her got silenced the hard way. From chefs to bodyguards and even colleagues, fundraisers, critics, innocents too have been killed. The police, however, says they are suicides or the suspects were never found. A victim died of 22 bullet wounds, another had multiple stab wounds how is that suicide? I’m just saying this but 46 such murders and disappearances have direct links to Clinton but she will never be caught.


2) Money laundering and fraud

Infamous deals like the Whitewater scandal and the Castle Grande scandal both had the dirty hands of the Clinton couple. In the Whitewater case the simple fraud played out by the Clintons was a scheme that earned them a lot of money but was never arrested for the crime. As soon as Bill Clinton was appointed governor he and Hillary formed a partnership with 2 other people in The White Water Land deal. A funded road was built by the tax payer’s money and the game started. Luring old people into investing at the White waters but there was a catch if you couldn’t make monthly payments within 30 days your ownership and money would be lost. This lead to tons of land being sold many times to different people. Then came the Castle Grande scheme where Jim McDougal (partner at the white water) wanted to invest 1.15 million dollars in a local construction project this was made possible by the legal help of Hilary Clinton.


Then came the Castle Grande scheme where Jim McDougal (partner at the white water) wanted to invest 1.15 million dollars in a local construction project this was made possible by the legal help of Hilary Clinton than an attorney at the Rose Law Firm. After both the cases were investigated upon 15people were charged with 40 crimes both Clintons having clear evidence in financing and helping the crimes were never arrested.

3) Clear hatred for the police and public

If you think I’m lying here do research on what Hilary did during her college days. She studied at Yale Law School in the 1970s, she helped found the Yale Review of Law and Social Action.

Its second issue was devoted to an issue about the murder trial of The Black Panther member Lonnie McLucas. Here some of the illustrations depict policeman as pigs. This goes on to describe the police as “A low natured beast the has no regard for the law, justice or rights of the people, a creature that bites that hand that feeds it, a foul, depraved traducer visually found masquerading as the victim of an unprovoked attack. “The hate continues as he detests for secret service men was very clear. In one event a secret service man was not allowed to speak during a long car ride to Washington and many such regular events made their job very hard. Secret service men have reported serving long 16-hour job shifts rather than being with Hilary.

Their daughter Chelsea Clinton in one occasion called “the personal trained pigs” (the same people who would risk their lives for her and her family) to her friends. One agent told her that her father would be shocked if he heard what she had said. Her reply was swift and a lot painful, “I don’t think so that’s what my parents call you. “There is plenty more to go around but let’s stop here. In a leaked email from Clinton, it read, “Do we really need to have that B*tch to be at the same events? It’s enough to have her dumb a*s pimp stinking up the works. This s*it for brains voters need to vote already. “Hilary Clinton Email to Chelsea Clinton (ty WikiLeaks)


4) An all-out war

Like 2pac once said, “They have money to go to wars but they don’t have money to feed the poor. “So after finally pulling out of Afghanistan Hilary wants a piece of Iran and wants to drag Russia too.


In a bold TV interview, she was pretty confident of an invasion of Iran and Russia warned of a possible war with the US had she been elected. There are 3 reasons for it first she is funded by Israel and Arab nations so there goes Iran, second her leaked Emails were blamed on Russian hackers and she wants a way to get revenge and third there has been almost no election where Russia is not blamed the pattern is quite similar take a look at last year’s election or the previous ones.


5) Vote rigging5

What’s the best way to win an election? Unfairly. Clinton was caught off guard and red-handed rigging the primary elections against Bernie Sanders. The brave person who leaked this information to WikiLeaks was shot twice in the back his name is Seth Rich a DNC staffer but only one of the couple dozen people who lost their lives fighting against Clinton(Thou shall not be forgotten).


6) Child Pedophile ring and Huma Abedin

Massive sources in FBI and NYPD have confirmed of Hilary’s involvement in a large pedophile ring in Washington DC. 11,112 emails out of the 662,871 emails lifted from Anthony Weiner’s computer are Huma Abedin’s (known as the vice chairwoman for Hilary’s campaign but has ties to Muslim extremist group) and pay to play including Saudis and Israelis. As you can imagine all hell broke loose at the Obama administration and there is enough evidence to send both the Clintons to jail not forgetting Loretta Lynch to prison.


Huma who is in touch with Saudi “actors” and an espionage is highly likely.Ok so some might argue my reports are false as I do not have concrete evidence but if I may ask what in the world Bill and Hilary were doing on an island with Jeffery Epstein who is in prison for illegal sexual activity with minors on the same island. I’m not saying once they visited the island several times in case of Hilary 6 times at least with this child molester. Even though he was clearly guilty of running an illegal sex ring this man was only sentenced to 18 months of which he served 13 months in prison a clear act of FBI “cover-up”. Several lawsuits were filed by various women and dropped after several threats against them.

7) The media

If it’s still not clear to you most broadcasters and TV channels were against Trump and are still acting surprised as if he won this election by accident. If you just look closer the answer is already there what if I told you all major TV channels are owned by mainly 6 companies CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Politico and the Guardian. Try to find your favorite news channel and journalist.



First came to Mujahideen then al Qaeda then Taliban and most recently ISIL. What if I told you who funded, trained and armed them? It’s the USA all courtesy of CIA (always keeping you safe) under the orders of Hilary Clinton. The leaked emails are like bread crumbs which lead to the dramatic reveal that Hilary has direct links to ISIL. If you haven’t heard this then you should while fighting ISIL forces in Iraq the Iraqi soldiers have found missiles used by ISIL with made in America.500 million dollars’ worth of military equipment was air dropped to ISIL by yours truly Hilary Clinton according to Julian Assange,” Weapons flow going into Syria, pushed by Hilary Clinton, into Jihadist [possession] within Syria, including ISIS, that’s there in those Emails. What a good use of tax payer’s money.


Still not convinced?

9) Libya

A forgotten yet the very important subject of debate now was it good to arm people to overthrow a tyrant regime is for you to decide the results are right there. Now it is more lawless and violent than it ever was its chaos, who would have thought Libyans would peacefully hand over their weapons after the war and return to peace? Look back at 2012 September when the US ambassador and several Americans were killed in an attack on a US diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya. The fault of death was not of those men but the ones who sent them there in the first place and without proper planning and security before the attack. Clinton was one of Obama’s advisors who advocated for a strong military action. Following the attack she made a comment to the House Oversight Committee on May 18, 2013, “Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night and decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point, does it make?” With no regrets for the lives of the American and much more Libyan life killed by these decisions one can call her cold-blooded.


10) FBI Investigation

After the information got out FBI was forced to launch an investigation into Hilary Clinton and guess what happened all the charges were dropped out despite overwhelming evidence that Hilary was guilty on multiple charges including sharing serious and sensitive international affairs through her private email account. She not only refused to use an official State department email but conducted all her business like sending top secret classified emails from an account tied to her New York home server. Imagine that sending documents and files which potentially endanger American lives through an unsafe medium which hackers can very easily bypass. If a normal government official was found doing that s/he would not only lose their job but also face jail time but then again FBI just dropped the charges.


11) Wrong Choices

So during the election itself, it seems people were not content with Hilary whatever the result was can also be dubbed suspicious after the vote were found to be rigged. Basically, she lost the support of African-Americans despite having Obama and Michele at her side. She wanted to raise taxes for the middle class and see how that turned out. Trump promised to build a wall, got criticized for sexual offenses and the media cooked up a storm at any Trump-related issue but he just didn’t stop and America voted for him.

Let that sink in.

12) WikiLeaks and the brave people

The unsung heroes of this war were the WikiLeaks and the brave people who risked their lives (and lost) to inform the public about the truth. Had crucial information not come out in time Hilary would have won and then take the country to 2 more wars. Had they not come out her secret would have been buried with the bodies of her former victims but they came out and now we know. Founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange, whistleblowers Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, our Hacktivist brothers and sisters of the Anonymous those are the real heroes. Now the time has come to decide whether Hilary goes to prison or not will you ignore the deaths of 49+ brave innocent people, Chile pedophile ring owner, corrupt and a threat to national security or will you fight against the system and bring her to justice.


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