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Karen Pence, Vice President Mike Pence’s wife is a great influence in Mike and his family life even she is not in the spotlight. Now she is the second lady of the United States now and will work closely with Melania Trump.

According to Mike “Karen Pence is the best thing that happened in his life” and she will always be the girl of his dreams.

Here are the six facts about Karen Pence that you must know;

She was born and raised in Indiana

Born and raised in Indiana, Karen Pence received her undergraduate and graduate degree from Butler University. She did her Bachelors and Masters in elementary education. She is an educator, mentor, and teacher in her local area.

The first time she went outside of Indianapolis was when her husband Mike Pence won the election to be a congressman in the year 2000. After that, the Pence family moved to Washington D.C and stayed there for more than one decade. They returned to Indianapolis only in 2012 when Mike became the governor.

Karen Said “Indiana is just a very special place. There are no other people like Hoosiers”

Karen and Mike Pence met at Indianapolis Church

Mike “a true Christian, Republican, and a conservative” and Karen first met in St. Thomas Aquinas church, Indianapolis. Mike noticed Karen while she played guitar in mass. He came to know that Karen’s sister was reading at Indiana University McKinney School of Law where he was also studying. He approached Karen through her sister.

Karen admits that she has love in first sight with Mike Pence. They went skating at Pepsi Coliseum at fairgrounds on their first date. After skating for a while Mike took her hand.

Karen was too much in love with Mike and bought a cross with the word “Yes” which was made up of gold. She made it for the day when Mike would propose. Both are deeply religious.

On June 1985, Karen and Mike Pence married and it has already been more than 31 years. The couple has three grown children Michael, Charlotte, and Audrey.

Charlotte Audrey is a filmmaker and already a college graduate. Michael Audrey is Marine Corps Officer and Audrey Pence, their youngest child is a student of journalism and claims herself to be liberal. The family has a quite strong relationship even they have different political views.

Mike and Karen Pence regularly visit College Park Church which is an evangelical church.

She has a towel selling business

If you’ve heard of “That’s my Towel”, it belongs to Karen Pence which was established in 2015. The company makes beautiful and unique metal charms for beach towel so that it won’t get lost and missing. Currently, the business is inactive since the family became busy in the political campaign. But also we can find some twitter feeds about the $6.25 charms frequently.

Karen Pence had founded a charitable foundation for children combined with art

Karen is fond of children and arts; she loves both plus she is also an educator. Karen also attended watercolor class to follow her passion for art and sold many of them in local fairs. One year she finished 35 paintings which were her highest. Her mother-in-law and sister funded for the paintings in her house.

In 2013, Karen Pence founded Indiana First Lady’s Charitable Foundation whose motto is to promote education for children, local art and health. Besides, the organization is also providing grants to different organizations and even scholarships. Riley’s the first organization that took grants from the foundation; this foundation helps hospitalized children by giving art therapy.

Also, now she is the second lady of United States now and will work closely with Melania Trump but “art therapy” will always be dear to her.

Karen Pence is a Trained Pilot

Karen Pence is a trained pilot if you don’t know and she is from the family of pilots. She was born on Air Force Base where her father served in United Airlines and her godfather had his own plane. So, she used to fly on a plane around town and it became her habit.

Now her piloting license is already expired. But her son Michael is a pilot and an instructor.

Karen is Mike Pence’s best adviser

Mike has told many times that Karen Pence is the best part of his life and she is the most influential advisor for him.

Mike states that “Everything we do in public life, we do together. I can’t imagine it any other way.”

While Karen was the First Lady in Indiana she was known as the Pence’s unknown insider. She had played a very important role in shaping the policy. Mike once told that Karen is the most passionate woman when it comes to children, women and American citizen.

Once Mike referred Karen as “the highest ranking official in the state of Indiana.”

Karen Pence with her husband Mike Pence.
Karen Pence with her husband Mike Pence.

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