Within the first few days of taking the oval office, US President Donald Trump has signed more executive orders than any President had ever done in such a short period of time. While the executive orders mean ‘delivering the promises’ for some, they mean ‘provoking disputes’ between countries and people for others. Here is what Trump has signed so far:

  1. Provide relief from Obamacare

As the first executive order, Trump – as promised – has ordered to reduce economic burden due to Obamacare. He also says that his administration will repeal the idea with a newer and cheaper plan.

  1. Freeze regulations

Trump wants all regulations – both new and pending – to go through his desk before any implementation.

  1. Reinstate ‘Mexico City’ Abortion Policy

Trump, as a pro-life, doesn’t want to see anyone using taxpayers’ money to abort a child. The Mexico City policy also means ceasing all foreign aids targeted towards abortion and family planning.

  1. Withdraw US from TPP

With a promise of making new deals with different countries, President Trump called for a withdrawal from Trans-Pacific Partnership.

  1. Freeze Federal Workforce

Except in the cases of military recruitment and executive administration, Trump wants all agencies to stop hiring employees under further notice.

  1. Advance Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines

Although Obama opposed the projects, Trump sees them as lucrative if they go on.

  1. Deregulate environmental reviews

As he promised to work for infrastructural development, Trump signed another executive order to deregulate all important projects from any environmental laws.

  1. Strengthen Border Security

Finally, Trump presented his idea of a ‘huge’ wall on the southern border of the US. He even promised to make Mexico pay for the wall, but the President of Mexico has repeatedly denied any intention of doing that.

  1. Vetting Undocumented Migrants

Trump wants to employ 10000 more immigration officers to vet all the undocumented immigrants in the US.

  1. Tighten Immigration, Visa, and Refugee Programs

As feared, Trump has called for a ban on immigration from a few countries in the Middle-East, including Syria, Iraq and Iran, until further notice. He also cut off refugee intake by more than half.

[Source: Politico]

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