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About Biography Tree

Biography Tree is a Nepal based website operated by enthusiasts from different parts of world. It is an idea created by these enthusiasts in simplest manner to provide information of celebrity, public figure and latest news around the world.

Our main focus is to provide information about daily chores and life events of different celebrity and public figure, his transition team and The Oval Office Members.
We will not be biased against any person while publishing news nor exaggerate it in any form.

Our authors are from Unites States, Canada, UK, India, Spain and Nepal.


Nick Wilde resides in Tooting and is currently working on his next novel. Considering himself as predictably irrational Wilde previously was an Investment banker. A black coffee lover and pretty eccentric (as he believes) he is a big fan of Tyrion Lannister. Wilde’s opinion on Trump is simple- “the man speaks anything but conquers his goal by doing anything too.”
Judie Hups is a London-based freelance writer who has been working in the Mergers and Acquisitions market too. Her opinion on elections was that Hillary Clinton should not be voted just because she is a woman.  Hups also feels that Donald Trump is blatantly honest (Proudly stating he is a hypocrite.) And well the President-elect is himself so rich there isn’t much real scam he can actually do. Check out more of her work at and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.