The Indonesian business partner of the President-elect Donald Trump is considering running for president in 2019 elections. Hary Tanoesoedibjo said, “If there is no one I can believe who can fix the problems of the country, I may try to run for president.”

With the above statement, he added, “Not for myself, for the country.” Hary believes that his country of 260 million people is in need of ‘a leader with integrity who can bring a solution for the country.’

Who is Hary Tanoe?

Hary is an Indonesian businessman who is the current president of PT MNC Investment Tbk. For Undergraduate and Post-graduate studies, he went to Carleton University and Ottawa University respectively. With degrees in commerce and business administration, Tanoe stands tall at $1.09 billion net worth.

Born in East Java, the 51-year-old business mogul invests in media, financial services, energy and natural resources and portfolio investments. Besides, Tanoe is also involved in Indonesian politics. He is affiliated to Partai Perindo, an Indonesian political group, since its establishment in 2015. The billionaire was also in Hanura Party and Nasdem Party in the past.

Relation between Hary Tanoe and Donald Trump

Apparently following the footsteps of Donald Trump, Hary Tanoe has some business relations with the US President-elect. He is responsible for Trump constructions in Indonesia. Currently, the business tycoon is looking at two projects: a resort each in Bali and Jakarta. The six-star resort in Bali spreads over 100 hectares, and the other resort features a golf course, 300 villas and a theme park.

While Trump is an inexperienced politician, Tanoe, as evident in his records, is quite experienced and relatively active. More interestingly, Tanoe seems to have similar interest to Trump. He supported the opposing presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto in the last election. It means Trump’s Indonesian ally is in opposition to the ruling president – just like Trump opposed the incumbent Obama.

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