Quick Info about Charlotte Conway

  • Full NameCharlotte Conway
  • First NameCharlotte
  • Last NameCharlotte Conway
  • Born NameCharlotte Conway
  • NationalityAmerican
  • EthnicityAmerican
  • ProfessionStudent
  • SiblingGeorge Conway IV, Claudia Conway, and Vanessa Conway
  • ParentsKellyanne Conway and George T. Conway III

Charlotte Conway is a popular American personality and member of the Conway family. She has been well-known for being the daughter of Kellyanne Conway and her husband George T. Conway III. She is very young and has a whole career in front of her to flourish.

Early Life, Family, & Education:

Charlotte Conway with her siblings and parents
Charlotte Conway with her siblings and parents

The exact date of birth of Charlotte Conway hasn’t been known. But, it is known that she is in her early teens. Her mother Kellyanne is a popular pollster and political consultant. She is not the only daughter of her parents but has three siblings. They are George IV, Claudia, and Vanessa Conway. George IV and Claudia are twins while Vanessa is nearly two years younger than her. According to Kellyanne Conway, it was very difficult for finding schools in Washington D.C. for all of her four children. Many private schools declined to take all the four children which made the couple sad. Now, Charlotte Conway and her younger sister, Vanessa Conway are completing their school studies from a public school in Washington D.C.

Career and Future Predictions:

Charlotte Conway is very young and is in fact, just in her early teens. It is unimaginable for a child like her to start a career at such an early age. However, according to CNN, Charlotte was seen helping her mother in Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Her mother, Kellyanne Conway is the counselor to the president, Donald Trump. Previously, she had served as the manager who was very successful in leading the 2016 Presidential Campaign of Donald Trump. During such time, a very young girl, Charlotte Conway, as well as her sister, Vanessa Conway, helped their mother.

With such interests in politics at such an early age has brought a lot of predictions by many political pundits. Many believed that Charlotte will follow the footsteps of her parents to become a successful leader. However, there is still a lot of time for her to decide what she will do in the coming future.

Personal Life and Donald Trump Issues:

Currently, Charlotte Conway has been residing in Alpine, New Jersey, along with her father, mother, and three siblings. Since her mother is very close to Donald Trump, Charlotte has also known Donald Trump since she was a child. However, in March 2019, Donald Trump was criticized by her father, George T. Conway III saying that he had some mental disorders. The president as well responded to this criticism saying that George is a Stone cold Looser and a husband from hell. This brought some kinds of conflicts between Trump and the Conway family. Kellyanne, however, defended the President and asked him not to listen to her husband as he is not a medical professional to check whether anyone is in a good mental state or not.

Net Worth of Conway Family:

Charlotte Conway along with her three siblings are too young to earn. Instead, they age school-going children. However, the estimated combined net worth of their parents is approximately $39.3 million.


  • Kellyanne Charlotte has told her daughters that Hillary Clinton has lied on multiple occasions.
  • Charlotte along with the other children have been told to support Donald Trump.
  • Charlotte and Vanessa are look-alikes and people confuse them as twins, but Charlotte is 2 years elder than Vanessa.
  • Since Charlotte is too young, she is not been permitted for using any social media.

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