Quick Info about George Thomas Conway III

  • Full NameGeorge Thomas Conway III
  • First NameGeorge
  • Middle Name Thomas
  • Last Name Conway III
  • Born NameGeorge Thomas Conway III
  • Birth date02/09/1963
  • Birth PlaceUnited State
  • EthnicityWhite
  • ProfessionAmerican attorney
  • Net Worth$ 4 million
  • Children

    Vanessa Conway, Claudia Conway, George Conway, Charlotte Conway

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George T. Conway is the husband of Kellyanne Conway; who was the campaign manager of President Donald Trump in his election campaign. But this is not his only identity. He is a well-known and reputed lawyer working in Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz since 1998. Now, he is also one of the partners in the firm.

George Conway represented Paula Jones against the then President Bill Clinton for sexual harassment. The case came after his scandal with Monica Lewinsky. But his role, in this case, was hidden.

He’s been involved in various high-profile cases and courts all over the United States.

George T Conway III Education

A resident of New Jersey George is a Harvard University and Yale law school Graduate. It was the year 1984 when he received A.B Biochemical Sciences degree from Harvard University. In 1987 he got his Juris Doctor Degree from Yale law school and in 1998 he joined Wachtell. He was also an editor for Yale Law Journal which is one of the most respected and popular Journal of the Ivy League University.

Both Yale and Harvard are Ivy League college and he was magna cum laude at Harvard.

George T Conway III Career

George T.Conway is considered as the most effective, brave and influential lawyer. Beside Paula Jones where his role was kept a secret; he has skills and ideas in mergers and acquisitions, security litigation and also some of the high-level cases in court. He’s been in the industry for more than 2 decades representing hundreds of big clients. His earnings from Wachtell firm as a partner is $1 million per year.

Major cases of George T Conway III

  1. Conway’s one of the high-profile projects was against NASD in defense of Kenneth Langone’s Invemed Associates; where his team won. NASD is now known as FINRA.
  2. George fought against the State of NY for its unsuccessful act on salaries of judicial representing chief judge and the NY Unified Court System.
  3. He won the case representing Swiss artist Christoph Buchel against Massachusetts Museum Contemporary art under Visual Artists Rights of 1990.
  4. Conway represented EADS against American Plaintiffs and won.
  5. He voluntarily represented Second Circuit of crime victims against the State of NY. This case was against the voting rights of criminals in prison.
  6. Conway represented Philip Morris against American Broadcasting Cos. For defamation.
  7. He represented Cardinal Health against FTC and other many antitrust litigations. One of them is against Dallas Cowboys Vs NFL properties.
  8. Conway also helped Mrs. Linda Tripp to find a new lawyer in Monica Lewinsky case against Ex-President Bill Clinton. He was actively involved in this case but he doesn’t appear on the record because he wanted it to be secret. The main reason behind this was of some democrats like Bernard W. Nussbaum in Wachtell firm. Nussbaum was the former counsel on White House.
  9. He represented Paramount communications against Warner Communications and Time Inc.
  10. QVC against Paramount Communications
  11. Two enforce merger agreements cases
  12. Delaware corporate law governing mergers and acquisitions
  13. Represented Rohm and Haas Co and ADVO in mergers and acquisitions litigation
  14. Valassis Communication Vs ADVO
  15. He represented a big tobacco company for litigation.
  16. Against Felon Voting Rights.

George T Conway’s Wife Kellyanne Conway

George is married to his love Kellyanne Conway in 2001 with four kids including twins. Kellyanne is a lawyer, Political Commentator, campaign manager and a pollster. She represented President-elect Donald Trump Campaign and also worked with Republican Ted Cruz. Kellyanne has a long history of working with Republican politicians and supporters.

Many believe that things had turned around for Trump’s presidential campaign for good after he hired Kellyanne as manager after firing Corey Lewandowski and Paul Manafort Case. She is also known as “Trump Whisperer”.

Kellyanne had affair with Late Senator Fred Thompson from Tennessee. He died in 2015 due to Lymphoma.

Kellyanne is the World Champion Blue Berry Packer and a beauty Pageant winner. Her book “What Women Really Want” was highly successful.

Now, as Donald Taking the white house she is likely to be the part of Oval office for some good amount of time. She is considered one of the most educated and talented women in the United States.

Kellyanne is the CEO of Women Trend and also the first ever women campaign manager for the Republican president.

George T Conway’s and Wife Kellyanne Conway

George Conway and President Donald Trump

Conway has definitely a good connection with Trump as he and his wife Kellyanne both had been a long-time supporter of Republicans. It is no hidden fact that he is not a big fan of Democrats because he tried to expose Bill Clinton’s case against Monica and Linda. There is a rumor that he had a connection with Billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife who wanted to expose Clinton and funded a good sum of money for it. Of course, Conway denied it.

It’s an open secret that Conway donated for both Ted Cruz’s campaign and Trump’s campaign. So, there is a good relationship between him and the president.

Conway is a low profile man and he has managed to hide from media when his wife was handling Trump’s campaign. Some believe Kellyanne is close with Trump than George.

George Conway might be US top lawyer as Solicitor General

Donald Trump is thinking about naming George Conway as the US Solicitor General. Conway said he would accept that position but first, he should win the confirmation from Senate. If he wins this position then he will be the first Asian – American to be US Solicitor general. Conway is a Filipino descent. Trump’s good relationship with his counselor and trusted adviser Kellyanne and her family might also be one of the reasons to appoint George, who is a very experienced corporate lawyer.

Trump believes that Kellyanne’s ideas and influences are the main reason he won the election over Hillary Clinton.

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