Ashley Darby is an American TV personality who got widely renowned after appearing in the reality TV show called ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’. The show was completely full of twists and turns. Apart from it, she is also an entrepreneur.

The Early life of Ashley Darby


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She was born as Ashley Boalch on 8 June 1988, in Maryland, the United States. She is the eldest child of her parents and was raised by a single mother. Being the eldest child and in a bid to support her single mother in raising her and her siblings, she did multiple jobs since her childhood. After being 18 years old, she attended the University of Maryland to pursue communications. However, to support her education as well as her family, she did part-time jobs as a bartender in local bars and nightclubs while studying at the University. Further information regarding her parents and siblings has not been disclosed yet.

Ashley Darby’s Career

Ashley Darby in Real Housewives of Potomac
Ashley Darby in Real Housewives of Potomac

She continued to work as a bartender even after graduating from the University of Maryland. While working as a bartender, at the age of 23 in 2011, she was invited to participate in the Miss District of Columbia Pageant. Then, she jumped over the opportunity and eventually went on to take the crown in 2011. The next year in 2012, she went to compete in Miss America competition for Miss America Pageant but became unsuccessful. However, she won a scholarship of $5 thousand and also received the John Curran Non- Finalist Interview Award. After 4 years in 2016, she appeared in the reality TV series called ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’. Although, being a reality series, the show was full of mix-ups and illusoriness.

Subsequently, appearing in that show, she became the youngest housewife at the age of 27 in the franchise’s entire history. Additionally, to her forays into the glamorous TV world, she always had a dream for food and making her name in that industry. So to fulfill her dream, she opened a restaurant named Oz in Arlington, Virginia. The restaurant provides an Authentic Australian dining experience.

The Net worth of Ashley Darby

At current (2018), her net worth is estimated to be approximately $5 million. She has earned it through her TV career and also as an entrepreneur. But her husband, Michael Darby net worth is around $20 million. However, information regarding her annual income, cars, and mansions is under review. But we can imagine that being a TV personality and an entrepreneur, her annual income must be great. Similarly, we can also think that being a millionaire, she must be living a comfortable life in the beautiful house and using luxury cars for her transportation.

In the Personal life of Ashley Darby

In 2010, Michael Darby saw Ashley in one of the bars owned by him, at the security monitor at the front desk and went to chat with her. Then both fall in love with each other which later results in a happy marriage. The couple married on 15 May 2014 where she became a step-mother to his two children. Michael Darby is a real estate mogul who is the owner of the company called Monument Realty. They together do not have any children but she has step-children from her husband first marriage. The couple has a huge difference in their ages which is about 29 years but the gap didn’t matter even a little to them at that time.

However, when they were getting married, she was 25 years old which was similar to the ages of her stepchildren who aged 25 and 23 at that time. But, in July 2017, she stated that she had been living separately from her husband for the last three months which meant the end of their married life. In 2018, the couple decided to give their marriage a second chance instead of going through a divorce. After that, on 17 May 2018, she posted a throwback image of her wedding with husband Michael. And it cleared that they are having a happy life together at present.

Facts about Ashley Darby

When she was in the early 20s, she had her first miscarriage. Secondly, she got pregnant in 2018, but unfortunately, on 19 August 2018, again she had her second miscarriage.

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