President Donald Trump was 47 when he married actress Marla Maples in 1993. The couple had an age difference of 17 years. Although they separated after six years, they had a daughter, Tiffany Trump.

Donald and Marla’s December wedding was extravagant. Marla was dressed in Carolina Herrera wedding gown and Trump was attired in his best black-coloured tuxedo. The wedding cake was seven storeyed and embroidered with edible flowers.

Controversially, Marla Maples is criticized as the woman who broke a home. Despite this, Donald Trump lived with her satisfactorily. Marla has been quoted several times for complimenting Trump as ‘the best sex I’ve ever had’.

Trump and Maples had a rough time while transiting into a married life. Accidentally, Ivana found out about this relationship while on a ski trip to Aspen. This particular incident seems to have paved Marla’s way to a billionaire’s luxury life.

Anyway, the relationship lasted no more than six years. Marla moved to California and raised her daughter Tiffany. Marla Maples is said to have received almost $2 million as a divorce settlement – much less than what Ivana Marie received. However, she could have bagged much more if the divorce had been delayed by some months.

Unlike Ivana, Marla always tried to keep a good relation with Donald Trump. In an interview, she even said that she still loves Donald. Moreover, Marla even appeared at the Republican National Convention 2016 where Donald trump was going to be announced as the Republican presidential candidate. On the other side, Trump is also positive about Marla. He, along with Melania Trump, attended the Stanford graduation ceremony of Tiffany Trump.

Along with that Marla recently attended the inauguration ceremony of President Donald Trump.

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