Marla Ann Maples is an actress and the third wife of the President-elect real estate mogul Donald Trump. Marla and Donald married in 1993 and had a baby daughter, Tiffany Trump, in 1993. However, the couple parted their ways in 1999 after going through a not-so-loving relation. This divorce wasn’t very costly to Donald Trump. Marla Maples walked away with just around 2 million dollars. While it is a huge sum, $2 million is like a drop in the ocean for Donald Trump’s net worth of $3.7 billion. It’s also said that Maples would have acquired a lot more money if the divorce had taken place a few months later.

Marla Maples seems to have made a lot of money from her career as an actress and a television personality. She is estimated to be worth around $20 million – much less compared to Trump’s first wife Ivana. At the same time, Marla and Donald’s 23-year-old daughter Tiffany Trump is said to be worth $600,000.

So, how did Marla make $20 million? Of course, the first thing was alimony from Donald Trump. Besides, she has appeared in numerous motion pictures in her career. Marla’s movies Black and White, Happiness and Switching Lanes were commercially successful. Alongside the film, Marla’s television career has also been fruitful. She appeared as a celebrity contestant on 22nd season of Dancing with the Stars. Additionally, Marla has exposed her talents of theater performances since her first appearance in The Will Rogers Follies.

On a different note, Maples hosted her own show and brought out a music album in 2013 which featured some international figures such as Dalai Lama. Nevertheless. Marla’s involvement in philanthropy is also notable. She donated the earnings from album One World of Love to Success for Kids.

Considering her money-spinning career, we are left with no doubt that she has made such a huge net worth independently.

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