Things are not the same between Ted Cruz’s previous campaign manager Kellyanne Conway now. Everything has changed from the 2016 presidential election an now between two of them.

Well, we are not sure what’s wrong between them but there are these picture evidence that shows there is some argument going on between Kellyanne and once presidential hopeful Ted Cruz.

Kellyanne had worked for Cruz to put him in White House but when he pulled out from race she went to work for Ted Cruz’s rival. This might be the reason for cold war between them.

Ted Cruz and Kellyanne Conway having a brawl.
Ted Cruz and Kellyanne Conway having a brawl.

Some image of Ted and Kellyanne was captured by Getty Images while they were having some serious discussion or who knows it might be verbal fight. It was captured in the swearing in of Rick Perry as the new Energy Secretary. He is also fromerr governor of Texas.

In the picture you can see the intense look on the face of Kellyanne Conway and jabbing fingers at Republican Ted Cruz. Read these interpretations from Death and Tax magazine. According to our body language expert Judie Hups, they are definitely fighting.

If you see the position of Ted’s in the first picture his is trying to put a bar between him and Kellyanne. This suggests he is not liking anything that Kellyanne is uttering.

The wild guesses are that it might be related with President Donald Trump. There is no audio so, to find out this mystery either Ted or Kellyanne must come forward to say what exactly happened.

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