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Donald Trump was seeing Marla Maples, a sexy beauty queen from Cohutta, Georgia since 1987 while he was still married to Ivana Trump. Marla Maples was a special correspondent for Inside Edition. She also had done acting   and even performed at Carnegie Hall.

They married at New York’s Plaza Hotel in December 1993, in front of 1,100 guests. Their baby girl Tiffany was two months then. Their relationship lasted six years. After the divorce, Trump has been in touch with her daughter and pays for her education. She is studying at the University of Pennsylvania, she will graduate this year. In a way, they are co-parenting their daughter and Tiffany Trump loves her father.

Known for his womanizer character, Trump dished on Marla Maples when he quenched her for lust. This was the girl who told her friend she had “best sex she had ever had “whom he was courting and the main reason for splitting his first marriage with Ivana Trump. This was published in a Page 1 headline of New York Post back in 1990.He believes he divorced his first wife because she started fuming about business talks and he left Maples because she wanted him home by 5 pm.

After they divorced in 1999, Marla Maples even told the media, she still loves Trump. She just had wanted to change her man making him soft but it did not work out .She thinks it’s not good to live in a dark quest, so they decided to divorce.

There has been a rumor that Trump had paid off Maples huge sum to remain quiet about their marriage. Also, it has been said that Police raid Marla Maples making out with chauffeur, Spencer Wagner hired to be Donald Trump’s Bodyguard, at the beach which she never revealed and denied. However, he was fired four months later and the following year, as per their prenuptial agreement, Maples was entitled to a heftier portion of Trump’s fortune but she walked away with only around $2 million. It means she didn’t marry him for social status or high profile life. The marriage did not work out well for them. She felt that her energy drains got refilled after the birth of Tiffany and she was bound to take the strong decision to live alone.

It has also been said that Ivana, Trump’s first wife bitched badly on Marla’s face when she found that on the ski driving Trump and Ivana went  to ,has Marla nearby staying . Marla despised herself for breaking Ivana and Donald’s marriage and even apologized to Ivana to which she straightly said no.

Marla Maples had class  despite she had to contend the issue with Trump’s bodyguard, she still prays for him and wishes he wins the election ,maybe it’s the boisterous personality of Trump, she decided to leave him. She had the spiritual personality that might not have been receptive to Trump.

Marla Maples in her 52, has participated in Dance with Star, where Tony Dovolani has taken Trump’s place and helped her win the battle of sadness and weakness after losing Trump. However, she got eliminated but dance inspired her to keep living life.

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