US President Donald Trump said Friday that the “big problem” posed by the North Korean nuclear threat and provocations “will be resolved” at the beginning of a bilateral meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

At that meeting, which took place before the G7 summit of the Sicilian city of Taormina in which both are involved, Trump and Abe have addressed the North Korean problem.

“It’s a big problem, a problem in the world,” Trump said, adding that “it will be solved at some point.”

It’s a big problem, a problem in the world.

According to a statement sent by the White House after the meeting, Trump has said in the presence of Abe that the US will work with Japan and South Korea “to increase the pressure on North Korea” and demonstrate that Pyongyang’s current provocation path “does not Is sustainable. ”

In addition, Trump and Abe have agreed that their respective teams will collaborate to identify and sanction “entities that support North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs.”

Trump has insisted on leaving the door open for a military action in North Korea, but has said he prefers a diplomatic solution with Pyongyang and has expressed confidence in the mediation of Chinese President Xi Jinping to ease tensions.


In early May, Trump even said he was ready to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un “under the right circumstances,” although White House spokesman Sean Spicer later qualified the conditions for that Encounter are possible are not currently given.

In a recent telephone conversation with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, Trump called the North Korean leader “mad with nuclear bombs,” according to a transcript of the call obtained by The Washington Post .

During that call, Trump asked Duterte for his opinion on Kim’s behavior to know if the North Korean is “stable or not” and also expressed some satisfaction for the failure of ballistic missile tests launched by Pyongyang.

Trump, Abe and the other leaders who will participate in the G7 summit, the most industrialized democracies on the planet, will address the North Korean threat, among other issues.

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