There has been a lot of hullabaloo over the orders and executions made by President Donald Trump as he took over the Oval Office in the White House. The inaugural ceremony that took place on January 20 already stirred the media over the crowd he collected and then the cancellation of Trans Pacific Pact set the whole world ablaze. To that the anti abortion law added more fuel along with his decision against the Obamacare.
There have always been many supporters of Trump but there has been huge dissatisfaction over his working style. Many times his right-hand woman Kellyanne Conway has come up to his rescue too but well somethings just happen because they are supposed to. The university of Michigan is one such case.

University of Michigan refuses Trump’s immigration ban

The University of Michigan on Saturday opposed US President Donald Trump’s official request on Muslim settlers and refugees and declined to disclose the immigrant status data of its global undergraduates.
On Saturday, the University’s President Mark Schlissel discharged an announcement, on the college site, confirming his support and dedication to global undergraduates and staff. Trump’s official request marked on Friday bans the migration numerous Muslim-greater part nations.

The President of Univeristy of Michigan opposed the decision of immigration ban.
The President of University of Michigan opposed the decision of immigration ban.

The announcement centered the University’s commitment and Schlissel’s own dedication to the foundation’s global group.
” The authority of the college is focused on ensuring the rights and openings as of now accessible to all individuals from our scholastic group, and to do whatever is possible inside the law to keep on identifying, enroll, and hold scholarly ability, at all levels, from around the globe. Trump’s unlawful Muslim boycott is a demonstration of fear against undergraduates who are in this nation legitimately to get an education.” Schlissel said in a statement.He included that universal under graduation add important abilities to the US workforces both at home and abroad.

The University has been giving immigrants under graduations since the late 1840s.

Donald Trump and the connection with Muslims

The 45th President of USA, however, has not faced this for the first time. Right, when the Democratic convention took place in Philadelphia last September in 2016 he faced the wrath of many Muslims for his speech about the soldiers. The case got further stretched when Khizr Khana and Ghazala Khan were supported worldwide and women trended in support of the old couple.

Well, women have quite an issue with Trump, afterall, all of them march against him right after his inaugural and gained worldwide support calling it the Women’s March. According to them, it was not just a moment; it was a movement.

Women March after President Donald Trump took the office.
Women March after President Donald Trump took the office.

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