Donald Trump was the Anti Villain of Democratic National Convention,2016!

“Love me or hate me, you just can’t deny me”

President Nominee Donald Trump is in the mode of repeating this line because everybody; literally everybody is talking about him. There were already several news about many people claiming that the Republican National Convention that took place last week in Cleveland, Ohio was a Donald Trump Convention. However, even Democratic National Convention resembles more of a Donald Trump Campaign. The reason is simple- mention of Donald Trump in every single speech.

Democratic National Convention,2016

Democratic National Convention,2016 source:

In Democratic National Convention at Philadelphia everyone’s speech created a buzz be it the current President Barack Obama himself or ex-president Bill Clinton; well considering their stardom that was bound to happen.Amidst all of that, there are two people who have roared in the media-Khizr Khan; father of an American Muslim killed at US military in Iraq and Michael R Bloomberg; an American business magnate.

If you have a look and observe all the speeches closely then you realize that every person talking at the convention has an opinion about the Presidential nominee along with a view of how “America might not be great again” if by any chance Trump becomes the President. Keeping aside the fact that they are not so fond of Trump; one can’t fail to also notice that they can’t stop talking about the 70-year-old businessman.

Just in a span of 24 hours, there has been a storm by the social media with several videos on popular sites like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter where the parts mentioning Trump has been cropped and used with a new caption altogether which anyway is an excerpt from their speech.

Khizr Khan insisted on sharing his copy of the US constitution to Donald Trump; just in case he wants to read it for the first time ever.He also added that Trump is a man who has “sacrificed nothing and for no one” and if it was up to Trump Zhikhr Khan would have never been in America at the first place. Some angst it was and more like Khan was speaking on behalf of all his Muslim clan.

Yet, it was not just Zhikhr Khan, but another businessman Michael R Bloomberg.who is a worldwide name for his last name-Bloomberg. He also had some things to share about Trump. More like a businessman taunting the other; Bloomberg pleaded God to help them if by the least possible opportunity Trump would be ruling the nation like he rules business. Not just that, according to Bloomberg the President nominee Donald Trump is a public menace and not at all sane. Definitely, some angst is hidden between the diplomatic ties of business between Bloomberg and Trump.

However,looking at them raging at Trump one thing is for sure- people just can’t stop talking about Trump. Well in a way Trump looks successful in his campaign because  a sign of victory is when people can’t stop talking about you in a good or bad way and here everyone is literally breathing Trumpism. And it’s not just us who noticed- Trump did too.