President Donald Trump is a bold and bluntly honest man or maybe not honest all the time but he utters out confidently from his mouth. We have to say he is a tough man. So, how was his relationship to his father for a man like him?

There are various gaffe about Trump’s relation with his father Fred Trump. It’s a fact that Donald Trump and his father spent the time around very much because Fred was a very busy man. But, it’s wrong to tell that they have no relationship at all or they had a bad relationship.

Donald Trump’s father Fred Trump was a strict man and a real-estate businessman. It is true that the Donald learned many things from his father about the real-estate business. This is no hidden fact that Fred had provided $1 million as a loan to Donald. It’s a huge support from his father even that was considered as loan. Beside that Fred also lent $3.5 million as a chip in Donald’s casino business.

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So, in aggregate Donald Trump’s relationship with his father was pretty good. Trump has claimed that he had stood up many times against his father and his father respected that. Which means Fred wanted his son to be independent and a decision maker.

When Fred Trump died in 1999, Donald trump has given eulogy to his father in an unusual but dedicated manner. Of Course the Trump’s don’t do it normally.

Donald Trump always said that he is a self-made man but his father has a great influence in his life. All the work ethics he have is learned by him from his father. He also mention this thing in his book “The Art of the Deal” He also learned how to save money and not to throw it around from his father.

Photo of Fred Trump in 1991. Source: Alamy
Photo of Fred Trump in 1991. Source: Alamy

Donald Trump and his father both are accused of being racially discriminating towards colored people although he denies that fact.

Trump has the strong relationship with his mother than his father. Mary Ann Trump took care of Donald Trump and his siblings while Fred was away. Donald Trump us not the eldest son of his parents but Freddy was. But Freddy was not involved in family business and died at the young age of 43. Freddy had been an alcoholic many years of his life.

Donald Trump’s ancestry was from German and Scotland and the original family name was Drumpf.

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