Just last night Khizr Khan; the father of a fallen Muslim soldier had alleged Donald Trump; the president nominee about not knowing a word about sacrifice because he simply doesn’t KNOW it. This thing, however,  got too much for the president nominee who has instantly given his answers loud and clear.

“I work hard everyday to accomplish my goals and I have employed thousands of people in my company,” claimed Donald Trump in an interview where he defended the attacks of the Muslim father who apparently believed that Trump should first go and read the constitution before coming to become the President at the Democratic National Convention last week.


However, Donald Trump also added that although Khizr Khan and his wife looked like people with noble intention their words looked more like the words of Hillary Clinton’s script writers. In addition to that, Trump did not shy away at all in suggesting that Khan’s wife did not speak because of being emotional, but rather was forbidden to speak because she is a Muslim woman and the boundaries set by people on women of that religion. Donald Trump courageously pointed out” She has nothing to say. Maybe she was just not supposed to speak.”

Ghazala Khan; wife of Khizr Khan finally speaks up

And the fight just got more interesting because Ghazala Khan spoke up. Yes, that right, she spoke up and she has literally blasted Donald Trump with her strong words. Looks like the woman card just played at the right time because Ghazala Khan, who is the mother of the Humayun Khan said: ”Trump criticized my silence”. Humayun Khan was an American soldier who died while serving on duty in the Iraq war.

Ghazala Khan added that Donald Trump knew nothing about getting bereaved and criticized her silence, but the ones who saw her felt her pain. Not just that the  lady definitely lost her calm because she just did not narrate her moment with her son but did not mind shutting down Trump by saying – working hard doesn’t mean sacrificing.

Well, the Muslim-Trump debacle just got ugly. Really very ugly. With that, the Presidential election, even uglier as Donald Trump in his last tweet wrote how he was not the one to vote for the Iraq war but Hillary Clinton. Honestly, the man has got a point if thought logically.

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