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If you are following these 2016 election chances are you have heard at least one of these names Hope Hicks, Corey Lewandowski, and Jared Kushner.

No worries if you have not because our job here on is to inform you of the latest scoop we found out and turns out there is more than an eye can see, so sit tight and read on and spoiler alert we have a possible affair, a rat and one hell of a story.

Who is Corey Lewandowski?

This political operative born in 1973 September 18; Corey Lewandowski  was bound to make headlines after being hired as a campaign manager only problem was he had never worked on a political campaign before. Imagine being called to your boss’s office and hearing this, “We hit it off, and if you don’t hit it off with your campaign manager, you have a problem.” This was the happy story of Lewandowski (March 30 by the way) until he got fired on June 20. So what went wrong?

Who is Hope Hicks?

27-year-old Hope Hicks shares one common feature with Lewandowski she has no prior experience on political campaigns. She is the youngest female in Trump’s inner circles and has almost completely isolated herself for this campaign. She has chosen to stay under the media radar, has scrubbed her social media page and has tried to avoid stories written about her.

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By now if I told you this third person has no prior political experience no one would be surprised. Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner is a famous name in the real estate, newspaper publishing and that sort of things not politics but Trump is Trump and now Kushner is one of Trump’s chief advisors and to add he was temporarily the Trump campaign manager now I wonder why?

The Connection

Trump and Lewandowski have a lot to learn in politics (no offense) both like to hit hard and play close oh and they occasionally step over them and don’t regard foul plays. In a campaign, however, small things have big impacts and small mistakes can have a serious impact so when Lewandowski was charged with battery after reportedly bruising a reporter at the Trump owned golf resort trouble was bound to happen. Lewandowski obviously vowed his innocence but it was all caught on tape. Adding to the turmoil a week later another incident occurred involving Lewandowski where he caught 2 protestors by their collars at a rally in Tucson. This was blamed on a “third person”.

And so poor Lewandowski was fired the same way he was hired, he was called to the Trump tower and sent home from the campaign. Now Trump is a bought man so he gave this situation to Hicks who tried to solve the issue by calling the reporter “a lying attention hound”. Apparently, Hope was assigned to smooth things over at the Lewandowski issue but things took a bad turn and on a Wednesday night May 20 in Manhattan there was an argument.

So how is it connected with Jared Kushner?

That’s a tricky one. Remember when I told you about being the temporary campaign manager shortly after Lewandowski was fired and replaced by Kellyanne Conway? Sources claim that it was Kushner who took advantage of the situation (adding to Trump’s fall in the polls) advised Trump to give the red signal to Lewandowski. In response, there must have been an argument but we never got that part of the story however reports claim there was a fight between Lewandowski and Kushner and Lewan. Even tried planting fake negative stories about Kushner.

There was a small incident tied to this and it goes a bit like this. After the strain, a high-ranking Trump staffer Michael Caputo took to the Twitter to announce: “Ding dong the witch is dead”

Later that week he resigned from the campaign while expressing his regret for “too exuberant a reaction to this personnel move.”(Karma is a b*tch)

In a live CNN interview, Lewandowski told the reporters that they had a nice conversation and he wished the best for the campaign although he grudgingly admitted that he had to be escorted out by security.

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