Marla Maples is an American-born actress, unlike Melania Trump. Marla is the second wife of Donald Trump – married from 1993 to 1999. After the couple got divorced, Donald Trump married Melania. However, Marla remained unmarried. Some of the interviews have revealed that Maples would still like to be in Trump’s wife. Well, that might be a stab on Melania’s decade-long married life.

According to New York Post, Marla apparently used to boast about Donald Trump as the best sex she ever had. This controversy was some time ago, but it again took the front pages of tabloids in this election. This must not have impressed Melania at all, though she hasn’t made any comments yet.

Perhaps, we all remember the speech of Melania where she plagiarized the current first lady Michelle Obama. Even after that heated controversy, Melania copied another statement, but from Marla Maples this time. In early November, when Melania was delivering a speech on cyberbullying, she said ‘if you could dream it, you could become it.’ That is a strong statement but was reportedly copied from an interview of Marla Maples. This wasn’t impressive – not for Marla, not for the Americans.

The instances explained above seem equivocal and could be argued. As a matter of fact, Marla and Melania haven’t been associated frequently. They were seen together in one of the campaigns where Tiffany Trump, Donald’s youngest daughter, gave a speech. Apart from that, the two women keep out of reach of each other.

Surprisingly, Melania Trump was present at the convocation ceremony of Tiffany Trump in the University of Pennsylvania. That gives a family-like impression of step-daughter and step-mom. If Melania is good with Tiffany, she must be good with Maples as well.

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