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Jared Corey Kushner is popularly recognized as the husband of Ivanka Trump who is the daughter of the Republican nominee Donald Trump. He is also the chief owner of real estate holding and development company Kushner properties as well as the newspaper publishing company of the New York observer. Kushner who was born on 10th January 1981. Charles Kushner is the father of Jared Kushner, who is also an American real estate developer. Kushner was married to the Donald trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump which gave him an immense media spotlight.

Among the top advisors of trump’s presidential campaign, he is the one along with Hope Hicks and Kellyanne Conway. At least $7 billion expenditure was made by Kushner on New York real estate since 2007 till 2016. Kushner is also one of the most expensive single building property buyer in US history.

Early life and Education

Kushner is the first born boy of Seryl and real estate developer Charles Kushner. He has three siblings which comprise of a brother and two sisters; Joshua, Nicole, and Dara.

Kushner completed his graduation from the Frisch School, a private, coed yeshiva high school in Paramus, New Jersey, and from Harvard College in 2003 with an A.B. in sociology. Kushner was associated with the Fly Club at Harvard. As a hobby, buildings were purchased and sold by Kushner in Somerville.

Kushner graduated from the New York University  where he earned his J.D. degree and completed his M.B.A. degree as well in 2007. Kushner did an internship at the office of District Attorney Robert Morgenthau in Manhattan.

Real estate

Jared Kushner is a diligent real estate investor who increased the Kushner Companies presence as the dominant in his family’s real estate company, in the New York City real estate market. Jared undertook the role of CEO in 2008 after his father Charles was apprehended. His father was detained on the charges of illegal campaign donations, tax evasion and witness tampering in 2004.

In Vornado Realty Trust, as a half of the equity share partner was conducted by Kushner in the ownership of the building. In 2007, Kushner became widely popular for acquiring the office building at 666 Fifth Avenue and made a record price of $1.8 billion. In the US history, the most expensive single building property was purchased by Kushner in 2007, at the age of 26.

A three-building apartment portfolio was obtained by Jared Kushner for $37.9 million in Middle River, Maryland on 18th August 2014 with AION partners. Kushner prevails as a lively buyer of multifamily properties in New York, Baltimore areas and New Jersey. During 2013 and 2014 Kushner’s company obtained more than 11000 units among the three states. 50.1% of the Square Building were bought by Kushner for $295 million from Africa Israel Investment Ltd.

Newspaper publishing

At the age of 25, The New York Observer which is weekly New York City Newspaper was purchased by Kushner for 10 million in July 2006. He used the money that he had earned during his college years.

Jared kushner Newspaper publishing The New York Observer

He has driven for transforms to expand sales and proceeded towards a tabloid format of the newspaper. For increasing the Observer’s online presence, he has been credited as well for the Observer Media Group. The Observer anticipated commercially successful for the first initial time, which was reported by the New York Post in December 2011. Jared Kushner put a bid in to receive the MLB group in February 2012, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Later, in March 2012, it was withdrawn by him.

Political activity

Kushner’s family is the greatest contributors to the Democratic Party as well as to select some Republican candidates. He had contributed over $100,000 to various campaigns. Kushner was a contributor to the Democratic Party between(1991-2006).

Association with Donald Trump presidential campaign

For the 2016 presidential campaign of his father-in-law Donald Trump, at the beginning, he helped as a speechwriter and assigned a task to establish a plan for Trump’s White House transition team should he be elected. Later on, he became more widely involved in the campaign and seen as the de facto campaign manager. In June 2016, under Kushner recommendation, Corey Lewandowski was fired. He remains intimately involved with campaign strategy, coordinating Trump’s visit in late August to Mexico.


For the New York Observer, on 5th July 2016, in response to a Tweet released by the Trump campaign containing alleged anti-Semitic imagery, Kushner was confined an open letter. The criticism made by Dana Schwartz on Kushner’s involvement with Trump’s campaign, he responded to his own paper’s editorial.

Personal life


Jared Kushner and Ivanka trump dated for a couple of years before their wedding. Kushner comes in contact with Ivanka in 2007. On October 2009, Kushner married to Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald Trump and Ivana Trump. He is an observant Jew and Ivanka had to convert to Modern Orthodox Judaism before marrying Kushner. The couple has three children.

Jared Kushner has good relations with everyone in the Trump family including brother-in-laws Donald Trump Jr.,Eric Trump, Baron Trump and sister-in-law Tiffany Trump. Along with that, he has cordial relation with Donald Trump’s ex-wife Marla Maples and present wife Melania Trump. He is equally better with Vanessa Trump and Lara Yunaska who are the wives Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump respectively.

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