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Chelsea Clinton graduated from Stanford University and completed M.P.H from Columbia, to progress as NBC News correspondent in 2011,for three years duration. She also had a hand in acting and producing i.e. The War Room(1993),The return oftheWar Room (2008), An American Journey (1997). She got married to Marc Mezvinsky on july31, 2010 and are blessed with two kids.She also works as an advocate for Women’s rights, AIDS research and global humanitarianism.

Background and Early life

Chelsea Clinton, born on 27th February 1980 in Little Rock, Arkansas,USA, got the lime light as the daughter of celebrity parents i.e. president Bill Clinton and first lady, future senator, and secretary of state Hillary Clinton.As the only child with famous and busy parents, she still managed to have a pampered and caring childhood. As her father from his busy schedule took time off for breakfast with her, at his office, while her mother took time off from her busy schedule to talk to Chelsea, after her school and helped her out with her assignments. Chelsea, always pushed by her parents to work hard, became an accomplished ballerina, painter and soccer player.


She completed her high school from Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C. in 1997.She joined Sidwell friends school and turned out to be an excellent student.She was also named as 37th annual best dressed by Richard Selzer.  As a student of life science,she once read an article based on detrimental effects of red meat on the human body, and ever since she worshipped vegetarian foods.

Since her childhood, Chelsea was a bright student, which only brought offers from universities like Harvard, Yale, Brown, and Princeton, but she refused them all to attend Stanford University from 1997-2001.

Her parents didn’t want to hamper her studies,for any cause and hence made her major from history, and helped her with her thesis.Later she migrated to Oxford University, England, to pursue a masters degree in IR(International Relations). During her study years , she also interned for one month with the World Health organization (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland.

The White House Experience

In 1993, Chelsea went through a life changing experience, when her father got elected as 42nd president of United States of America. She had an exposure to media at a very early age due to her parents, but she endured it quite positively. As a result, her parents had to make  a pact that she was to be unspoken off in the public through media.

Apart from all these pressure her parents believed in giving her a perfectly normal upbringing, and hence had a pampered but a normal childhood. Being a young and vibrant girl, she often made headlines with her alleged affairs with her fellow students like Matthew Pierce, and a former White House intern Jeremy Kane. And further, her life only got more complicated in her sophomore years due to her father’s affair with Monica Lewinsky.

 Professional Life

After her graduation, Chelsea was the first person to get a job, at Mckinsey & company at New York city.As bright she already was since her childhood, her appearance on the cover of people’s magazine made people more curious than ever. She was not only addressed as the most well-speaking person but also has great fluency in German.

She also grabbed the title of “Guttiest girl” by Jane magazine. In the year 2000, she got the lead role in a low-budget movie “Chelsea’s Chappaqua”.

From 2011,she joined NBC joined as a special correspondent, during which she left her mark with reports like “making a difference”. She quit the job in August 2014, for a family time.

Personal Life

After a year of campaigning for her mother, she finally announced her relationship with Marc Mezvinsky. Marc seized the opportunity of thanksgiving holiday and had proposed her.The couple got married in 2010 amidst a family ceremony.

Later she continued her studies at Columbia University.  At the age of 34, she gave birth to their first child, a baby girl named Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, in September 2014, and her second child two years later in 2016.

Supporting her mother Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton

In the year 2015, Hillary Clinton announced her nomination for U.S president, for the second time, and Chelsea ensured that she is there for her accompanying her to New Hampshire and Nevada. In July 2016, Hillary became the first woman in the U.S. to win a major political party’s presidential nomination. Chelsea introduced her mother to delegates before Hillary accepted her nomination in a keynote speech, in 2016 at Democratic National Convention held in Philadelphia.

She also quoted”What I would like America to know about my mother and father is that they are great people and they are great parents.”

Friends with Republican nominee Donald Trump’s daughter:Ivanka Trump

Chelsea Clinton is great friends with Ivanka Trump;  daughter the rival of her mother in the US Presidential Elections 2016 Donald Trump from his first wife Ivana Trump.In an interview, Ivanka even stated that both of them were not the candidates but children of the candidates and they are still as close.Ivanka is married to Jared Kushner.

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