Thanks to Kellyanne Conway for inventing the term “alternative facts” and defending President Donald Trump by blaming former President Barrack Obama spied on Trump Tower by using microwave. She keep going viral once in a while.

More recently, one of her pictures has again gone viral where you can see her unusual and odd portrait.  This happened when she was giving an interview with the local newspaper named The Record in North Jersey.

The interview was published but the sharp-eyed viewers saw the frame behind her where she can be seen in completely new avatar. Guess what? She was wearing long blue velvet hood and expensive pearl necklace while gazing far away.

Her new avatar frame can be seen right behind her where she is combing one of her daughter’s hair. Now, the picture got all viral when Donald Trump’s former outspoken campaign manager Franklin Leonard posted it in his twitter,

Conway hasn’t commented on the photo yet but surely said that the loss of Hillary Clinton is still haunting the democrats. She further told that democrats are not accepting their loss and this is not right for the country’s future.

Apparently this is not the first time Conway’s picture had gone viral. Last time too her knee-bending picture in the White House Couch had gone viral. She was extremely criticized for that but she already apologized for that saying “I certainly meant no disrespect and I didn’t mean to have my feet on couch”

Kellyanne Conway sitting recklessly in White House Sofa.

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