The comedian Kathy Griffin had to rectify. Through her Twitter account, one of the stars of the American program Saturday Night Live has publicly apologized for an image in which she appears with a bloodied and decapitated head that pretends to be that of US President Donald Trump .

This is the image:

The snapshot is part of a posture session by photographer Tyler Shields , broadcast by TMZ . The social networks began to demand the imprisonment of the comic and several public figures against what they consider more a threat than a joke.

And then came the tweet of apology:

Her image, beyond Twitter’s anonymous users, has been blamed by Trump himself, who has released a message that says, “Kathy Griffin should be ashamed of herself. My children, especially my 11-year-old son, Barron, Are having a difficult time with this. Little Barron, even if published in various media , may have some autism spectrum disorder.

Among the people who tucked Trump into the picture was Donald Trump Jr., the son of the Republican tycoon:

“Do you imagine a conservative doing this to Obama as president?”, Says his tweet.

Chelsea Clinton , the daughter of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, at the other end of the political ideology, also defended in this case Trump:

This is vile and wrong. It’s never fun joking about killing a president,” he says .

Griffin initially described his project as a “pseudo-artistic statement,” clarifying before the commotion that he “can not stand” harming others. But seeing the stir caused, she has preferred to make things clear. “I’m honestly sorry, I’m a comedian, but I got out of the way.” I went too far, “he replies.” The image is very disturbing. “I understand why it offends people.” It was not funny, I understand. I will continue to do so, but I ask that you excuse me. I beg you to forgive me, I went too far and I misbehaved. ”

However, it seems clear that this wave of criticism was feared, because initially had joked with the photographer on the matter. “We’re going to Mexico today, maybe we’re going to a federal prison … We will not survive this, will we?” You hear in one of the videos that pick up the photo shoot. Even Shields picked up the glove on Twitter:

Strategy to achieve fame and promote photos? Just a joke that ends badly? Irreverent or bad taste? For now in the networks wins the rejection.

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