Robert Trump is the youngest brother of US President Donald Trump. Like Donald, he was also a top executive in the family real estate business started by father Fred Trump.

Early Life and Education

Robert Trump was born two years prior to Donald Trump. Given that his father Fred Trump was a multi-millionaire businessman, Robert presumably went to a high profile high school and college.

Personal Life

Robert Trump with his wife.
Robert Trump with his wife.

Robert Trump was married to Blaine Trump for 25 years. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t work out, hence ending in a tragic divorce. Currently, he is in a relationship with his former secretary Ann Marie Pallan. Ann Marie descends from the family which owned Gurney’s.


Robert Trump is one of the former top executives of The Trump Organisation. He is currently 67 years old and retired. He lives in Millbrook, New York with his partner Ann Marie Pallan.

After his retirement, Robert has involved himself in several community activities. According to some reports, he gives financial and technical support small and non-profitable businesses in his locality. Likewise, he also serves as a member of trustees in Angels of Light. The organization is aimed at supporting and entertaining the people who are in need during the holiday breaks. The organization was established almost 10 years ago, but recently got officially registered.

At the moment, Robert Trump is enjoying his retirement time. He frequently donated to horse rescue operations as well.

Donald Trump and Robert Trump

Robert Trump with his brother Donald Trump.
Robert Trump with his brother Donald Trump.

Donald and Robert Trump have a blood relation of brothers. However, the two differ vastly when it comes to their nature. While Robert is called a modest kind of person, Donald is referred to as being flamboyant. As one of the family acquaintances says, “He’s [Robert] not flamboyant. He couldn’t be more different than his brother, quite frankly. I don’t even know how they’re in the same family.”

Anyway, Robert is a strong supporter of his elder brother Donald Trump. He said to Page Six, “I support Donald one thousand percent.”

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