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Barron Trump is the son of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump’s from his current wife, Melania Trump. Barron is the youngest of four children of Donald Trump.  On 20th March 2006, Barron was born in Manhattan of New York City, New York, USA. His birth name was Barron William Trump. He is 10 years old now. Like his real estate mogul Dad, Donald Trump, He loves constructing something before tearing it down. So, Barron’s nickname is given as “Little Donald.” In Manhattan’s Trump Tower where Barron lived which is his own floor the Trump apartment.

Likes and Dislikes

Barron, the youngest son of Donald Trump likes decorating his living area with airplanes and helicopters but he dislikes cars or airplanes on his covers. Barron favors them ‘’white and clean.”  Normally, Barron likes to play alone. Barron has a lot of performance date with other kids but he enjoys playing solo with Legos and Magna Tiles. Barron has many details in artwork and likes to construct huge buildings.

Barron’s mother Melania told ABC News that he loves to wear suits but doesn’t like sweatpants. He doesn’t like to put suit every day. Sometimes like his father Donald Trump, He loves putting on a tie.


Barron is the fifth child of who was born to Donald Trump and Melania Trump. Barron has three half siblings from his father first marriage with Ivana; Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump and one half-sibling from his father second marriage with Marla Maples; Tiffany. Barron is thirteen months and three weeks older than his half-niece Kai Trump and also half-uncle of Donald Trump III and Kai Trump. Vanessa Trump, Jared Kushner, and Lara Yunaska’s half-brother-in-law is Barron Trump and grandson of Mary Anne Trump and Fred Trump.

Personal life

Maths and science are the favorite subjects of Barron in school. After school, he engaged in sports programs like playing tennis and baseball. Barron loves taking one-on-one dinners with his father Donald Trump and when they have a possibility to spend leisure time together, playing golf. Barron is a strong minded, independent and opinionated child, according to his mother Melania Trump.

After his father President Donald Trump was elected Barron was also doubted of being autistic but all the rumors were rubbished by his mother. Barron is currently living with his mother in the Trump Tower rather than the White House.

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