The outstanding American analyst Ian Bremmer is one of the most listened and respected voices in the foreign policy of the United States. Maybe that’s why he signs the best tweet you’ll read about the absurdity of US President Donald Trump‘s decision to get his country out of the Paris climate deal.

With just 11 seconds it shows how the US is basically alone. “You are with us, or against us, against us is the increasingly popular option,” writes Bremmer next to the gif:

Although the effective exit of the United States could take place in 2020, after invoking Article 28 of the agreement, the US president has already stated that the non-binding commitments of the agreement will cease with immediate effect. The EU, world leaders, and, for example, the governors of New York, California and Washington, have announced the creation of a “climate alliance”. Together they will seek to meet the promised US goal in 2015 in the Paris agreement, signed by all countries on the planet except Nicaragua and Syria.

Democratic governors of Connecticut and Rhode Island and at least two Republicans from Massachusetts and Vermont also announced Friday that they are joining the now bipartisan alliance.

It seems that the goal is clear. As Bremmer says, although Trump seems intent on leaving the country alone – it only has the backing of Syria and Nicaragua, which do not sign the agreement either – many will not make it easy.

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