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Yesterday, in the Senate, Bernie Sanders called out to the President-elect Donald Trump to not cutout Obamacare from the US Health Service. Surprisingly, Bernie, the man of American youths, came up with a new weapon against Trump: his own tweet dating back to May 2015.

Sanders pulled out an oversized printout of one among thousands of Trump’s tweets which read – I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid. Huckabee copied me.

Bernie Sanders commented strongly commented on it, “Millions of people voted for him on the belief that he would keep his word. If he was sincere, then I would hope that tomorrow or maybe today he could send out a tweet and tell his Republican colleagues to stop wasting their time and all of our time. And for Mr. Trump to tell the American people that he will veto any proposal that cuts Medicare, that cuts Medicaid or that cuts Social Security.”

Unusually, Donald Trump hasn’t yet responded to Sander’s gesture in the senate. Will he still take his stance to repeal Obamacare? Or, will he follow the path shown by Bernie Sanders?

Most of the time, Trump’s tweets are his guns, but this time, they are Bernie’s missiles.

While this was a powerful message from Bernie Sanders, the internet world quickly responded and turned it into a meme.

Internet reacted: Tweet turned into a meme

This one here shows two dogs on the board instead of Trump’s tweet:

And, that’s Ted Cruz in the frame.

Likewise, a writer and editor David Mack brought out an image captioning it ‘bernie continues to speak the truth’

The one with a ban sign on Nike Shoes:

Lastly, the most hilarious one: Bernie Sanders trying to teach a valuable lesson.




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