Michael Pence Jr. is the only son of VP Mike Pence and his wife Karen Pence who is a Marine Corps officer. He is an outstanding young Pence family member in a political family.

Michael is the only son in pence family but he is not the only child. His siblings are Charlotte Pence who is a writer, author and filmmaker and Audrey Pence who is the student of Journalism and consider herself as “socially liberal”

Here are some facts and information that you need to know about Michael J. Pence.

Michael J, Pence is a Marine Corp Pilot

Michael Pence Jr., age 24, is a trained pilot. He was trained from Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida to become Marine Corps Pilot according to article in Chicago Tribune 2015.

He has worked at NASA Goddard in 2011 according to his official Facebook page.

Pence is a Second Lieutenant in the Marines

Michael is a hard working son of VP Pence and he has already started creating his future in the Marines. He graduated from basic trainings for Marine Corps officers in on September 2015 according to Chicago Tribune.

In his graduation ceremony his parents flew to Quantico to attend his success. It was a same day he was commissioned as second lieutenant.

Michael Jr. had a Normal Childhood

Pence family was always in the eye of media and public due to Mike’s political career but Michael says he had a pretty normal childhood. Mike Pence was congressman for 12 years before he became governor.

Frankly, we’ve had a pretty normal childhood. We’ve seen some cool things in DC and now Indiana, but it’s been pretty normal until the last six months…”

The family were living in Washington D.C and returned to Indiana after Pence was elected as governor. Their lives had changed drastically then.

Mike’s political career is always a “Family Affair”

Michael Pence is a family guy and is too close to his father Mike. Mike says that his political career is always a family affair.

Mike told WTHR that Michael Jr. with other children used to hand out flyers and shake hands while he and his wife Karen Pence would be in Republican tent.

Michael Jr., in 2012 updated his Facebook cover photo adding his dad’s campaign picture.

Michael Jr.’s father is proud his work and profession

Happy 240th birthday to the United States Marine Corps! #SemperFi #ProudMarineParents

A post shared by Mike Pence (@mike.pence) on

Mike Pence frequently admits that he is proud of Michael and often shows his appreciation for his son by posting it on social media.

Once Mike posted his son photo in military uniform. Michael’s his uncle was also in military.

Michael Jr. is married to Sarah Whiteside

Michael Pence Jr. married to Sarah Whiteside Pence on last week of December 2016 shortly after Christmas and before Inauguration of Donald Trump presidency. The marriage was planned for autumn 2017 but rescheduled sooner.

A photo posted by Charlotte Pence in her Instagram congratulating her brother and sister-in-law.
A photo posted by Charlotte Pence in her Instagram congratulating her brother and sister-in-law.

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