Who is Michael Pence Jr, wife? You might be wondering about the VP Mike Pence’s son Michael but you cannot find much information about him in the internet. You probably have googled “Michael Pence Jr.” and couldn’t find any piece of information about him or his wife.

Today we bring you the information about the wife of Michael Pence Jr’s wife Sarah Pence and their wedding.

Michael J. Pence and Sarah Pence married on last week of December 2016 and the celebration was held in the Governor’s mansion, Indianapolis before the inauguration. The marriage was secretive and there was no announcement but the-then vice-president elect Mike Pence was volunteering at Wheeler Mission Ministries in Downtown Indiana which was a homeless center.

Actually, Michael and Sarah Whiteside’s wedding was planned for 2017 autumn but it was rescheduled before the inauguration. Mike Pence’s son and new daughter in law did as the new schedule shortly after the Christmas.

A photo posted by Charlotte Pence in her Instagram congratulating her brother and sister-in-law.
A photo posted by Charlotte Pence in her Instagram congratulating her brother and sister-in-law.

Charlotte pence congratulated her brother and new sister-in-law in her Instagram where she wrote “Sarah, you married my hero today, and I know you will take amazing care of him his entire life. Thank you.”

Pence family wanted the ceremony to be simple and special to add a new family member.

Michael’s wife Sarah is also associated to the political family and same origins story. The couple met three years back at Prude University in Indianapolis when both were attending political science classes.

Michael is the oldest children in Mike and Karen Pence who is a Marine Corps officer. He is in the position of second lieutenant and pilot. He graduated from basic training in Quantico, Virginia and was planning to go flight school at Naval Air Station to be a pilot.

Sarah Pence was already treated as the family member even before they tied the knot. She was also seen in Republican National Convention.

Newly wedded Michael and Sarah celebrated Inauguration and Inauguration ball in a very short time after the wedding with Pence and Trump family. Sarah was wearing floor-length red gown in inauguration ball.

Sarah pence is a Forensic Treatment Services Program Coordinator in the Division of Mental Health and addiction likewise her sister-in-law Charlotte Pence directed “For the Record” which is about the struggle of mental patient and their health issues like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Eating Disorder (Anorexia Nervosa), Bi-polar Disorder, and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Sarah Pence is a politically focused woman and her views doesn’t exactly match with her VP father-in-law Mike. But her political views won’t create any family tension because her younger sister-in-law Audrey Pence has also different political views than any family member. Audrey claims herself as “Socially Liberal”.

Sarah Pence was Communications Intern for Democrat Senate Andre Carson in Indianapolis who is open critic of Donald Trump and he recently co-sponsored legislation to block president’s executive order in congress.

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