As per the Malay video released by the so called Islamic State in Indonesia, the President-elect Donald Trump’s life is under huge threat. The video was titled Incite the Believers to the Fight 2 and featured various scenes. One of the scenes included secret service rushing Trump off the rally stage in Nevada.

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This controversial and scare mongering video released on November 30 features other international leaders as well. It means not only the President-elect Donald Trump is in danger, but the other world leaders are also under the same threat.

The footage of Trump (at 02:30) being rushed off the stage is particularly disturbing as it appears exactly after the display of a photo of Operation Inherent Resolve team, a group aimed at fighting ISIS.

Sometimes referred to Daesh, ISIS has been the biggest threat to the world today. Within the last two years, the number of terrorist attacks has skyrocketed. It’s just been 3 days since the world celebrated the new year. At the same time, we have already seen 2 deadly attacks: nightclub attack in Istanbul and Baghdad bombing killing at least 39 and 70 people respectively.

Last year, the ISIS attacks ranged from suicide bombings to mass shootings. Among the numerous attacks in Iraq, in July, around 325 people were killed by two bomb attacks in Karrada and Sha’ab, Baghdad. Similarly, the western world including Germany, France, and Belgium have also been primary targets of ISIS. Hence, it’s reasonable for the US Government to prepare for a probable ISIS attack in the near future. Of course, the 9/11 wasn’t also a foreseen incident.

With a rapidly increasing threat of ISIS around the world, Donald Trump assassination threats shouldn’t be taken lightly. On top of that, the US has always been the worst rival of any terrorist group.

Other threats to the President-elect

After Trump got elected as the President, the nation remained hugely divided. This gave rise to various responses on social media. Some of the tweets threatened Trump of assassination as well.

Some of the tweets are:

  • I just pray that the first nigga who tries to assassinate Donald Trump don’t miss

— Greg (@BankRolllGreg) November 9, 2016

  • Can someone assassinate Trump and fix this huge mistake

— Jacob (@TheJacobRoberts) November 10, 2016

— billyengland™ (@billyengland) November 10, 2016


— Sean Poag. (@PoagSean) November 8, 2016

  • Someone kill Donald Trump please the world will love you forever

— Mari. 击 (@MariWritesSins) November 9, 2016

Source: The Wrap

Alongside these, there were numerous other threats that took over the internet. The hacktivist Anonymous waged war against the next President, with a warning ‘This is your opportunity to make a difference and put peace above self-interests.’

The elections are always the tools which tend to divide the nation. Hence, such virtual threats are probably normal. Anyway, it’s time for security services to work hard.




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