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Considered to be the brightest star of science, an author, a world-renowned cosmologist, research director at Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at Cambridge University and celebrated theoretical physicist, Stephen William Hawking was pronounced dead on 14 March 2018 at the age of 76. According to his family, Hawking died peacefully in his home in the early morning of Wednesday. Hawking was best known for his work on gravitational singularity theorem under-winged to general relativity framework which he finished with Roger Penrose and his world stirring theory about the black hole and how it emits radiation, known as Hawking radiation upon the proposition of the theory. Hawking pioneered the cosmological theory which was supported by the general relativity theorem and quantum mechanics. Hawking was a strong supporter of multiple universe interpretations and often acknowledged that the action of ours in present may or may not have happened in other verses of the universe; depicting the theory of Schrodinger’s cat.

Two years DEAD-LINE for Stephen -by Doctor

Stephen Hawking was suffering from the rare motor neuron disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). This rare form of the disease is responsible for the death of neurons that controls voluntary muscles in the human being. Initiated with the muscular stiffness, twitching and weakening, ALS gradually precedes towards muscle size decrement, compromised verbal abilities, swallowing and untimely death upon breathing difficulty. Although diagnosed with ALS, at an early age of 21, Hawking miraculously lived for more than half century even though was predicted to die in mere 2 years of diagnosis. It was because the disease progressed rather very slow than used to normally. Hawking was paralyzed with the disease eventually and also had to go through tracheotomy which led to the implication of speech generating device for communication.

Stephen blames “TECHNOLOGY”

An elite scientist and supporter of advancement of science and universe, Stephen Hawking had many disparagements with various system and approaches. He always considered, advancement in technologies is important but these enormous changes could outrun the human behavior and race leading towards the extinction of the species. He once had quoted that the super artificial intelligence should be developed in such manner that the risk of it going rouge be minimized and autonomous weaponry be subsided.  According to Hawking, the newly emerging technologies could be fatal to the human race as dependency on them is increasing and new threats like genetically modified viruses and automated robots may takeover world before anybody could do anything about it in near future.

Warning to the World

Hawking was highly concerned by the change in climate and increasing global warming. He was always worried that temperature rise of the planet and its component like industrial wastes, mass destructive weaponry, would someday make the earth inhabitable for humans long before they would colonize in space, hence jeopardizing the continuation of the species for a longer duration. He had regarded global warming as the most fearful threat as once the change goes tip point, it would be an irreversible process. Hawking even retaliated on the decision of Paris Agreement retraction by President Donald J. Trump. The physicist expressed how the greenhouse gas should be eliminated as much as possible for the long run of earth’s existence. As per Paris Agreement, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ( UNFCCC) had set the aim not to let the global temperature rise more than 2 degree Celsius and work towards minimizing it for 1.5 degrees eventually, with course of actions to be carried out by countries (signing parties to be more precise) like determining and planning its contribution  in mitigating global warming . Effective since 2016, the financials is supposed to be starting in 2020. President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of US from Paris Agreement in 2017, which led worldwide condemnation of presidency and its predictable outcome. As the US has many nuke and weaponry that can lead to the extinction of world single-handedly, Stephen Hawking allegedly commented that the president’s action might be a huge mistake and would have to pay a huge penalty for such deed in near future. His concern for the environment was noticed and supported by many scientific figures and personalities but the countries decision of retraction in the agreement was determined.

Honored with various awards and titles like Adams Prize, RAS Gold Medal, Wolf Prize, Prince of Asturias Award, Albert Medal, Presidential Medal of Freedom and many more, this highly decorated physicist was eluded by The Nobel Prize in his 55-year long career in physics and cosmology.


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