Quick Info about Michael Farrand Bennet

  • Full NameMichael Farrand Bennet
  • First NameMichael
  • Middle NameFarrand
  • Last NameBennet
  • Born NameMichael Farrand Bennet
  • Birth date28/11/1964
  • Birth PlaceNew Delhi, India
  • NationalityAmerican
  • EthnicityWhite
  • ProfessionPolitician
  • WifeSusan Diane Daggett
  • Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/senbennetco

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Michael Bennet is a well known American politician, lawyer, and businessman. Bennet has been serving as the senior of the United States Senator from Colorado since January 21, 2009. Currently, he serves alongside Cory Gardner who currently serves as the junior of the United States Senator from Colorado. Bennet served for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee from January 3, 2013, to January 3, 2015. He was also the Superintendent of Denver Public Schools from July 1, 2005, to January 21, 2009. Bennet has been nominated as the rightful candidate of the Democratic Party for this year’s Presidential Election.

Michael Bennet’s 2020 Presidential Campaign:

Michael Bennet confirmed his intention to fight for the presidential post of USA on May 2, 2019, via ‘CBS This Morning’. Bennet’s response to Senator Ted Cruz in January 2019 went viral. This response made Bennet come into public views regarding the presidential election of 2020. The public supported him and even his followers asked him to stand as the candidate in the presidential election 2020. He became happy and started thinking about it since March of 2019. After his decision on May 2, Michael Bennet started his campaign on May 5 in Iowa. He continued his campaign there till May 11. Similarly, his next campaign was held on May 31 in South Carolina. Michael qualified for the first set of debates on June 3 and he appeared for the debate on June 27. For the second set of debates, he appeared on July 26 and 27. He had an excellent performance but unfortunately, he didn’t qualify for the third set of debates. Bennet held the talks about agriculture, gun laws, LGBT issues, Healthcare policy, Immigration policy, Energy policy, Environmental policy, Foreign policy, Cannabis, and 2018-19 government shutdown.

Relationship with Donald Trump:

Michael Bennet has always been an anti of Donald Trump. He has also appeared in many of the anti-Donald Trump programs organized by communities. Recently, on October 28, 2019, Bennet described Trump as an anti-immigrant and anti-democratic. Bennet believes the best way to be the president is to do the things exactly the opposite of what Trump has done in his period of the presidency. With this principle in mind, Bennet is exactly doing what he is supposed to do. His followers and admirers who believe his saying will definitely vote him for the 2020 Presidential Election.

Early Life of Michael Bennet :

Michael was born as Michael Farrand Bennet on November 28, 1964, in New Delhi, India. He is the son of Susanne Christine and Douglas J. Bennet. His father was involved in politics, Bennet spent his entire childhood in Washington DC. The 55-year old candidate had dyslexia when he was small. Due to which, Michael was held back in Grade two. To improve his reading, he joined an all-boys preparatory school, St. Albans School. Bennet received his BA degree in History from Wesleyan University. He got his JD degree from Yale Law School.

Michael Bennet’s Career:

For two years, from 1988 till 1990, Michael served for Ohio Governor Richard Celeste. After he received his JD degree, Bennet worked as a law clerk. Later, he became Counsel to the US Deputy Attorney General in Bill Clinton’s Administration. Michael Bennet became the superintendent of the Denver Schools in the year 2005 and stayed in the office until 2009. He resigned from his post because from that year he started to serve for the United States Senator from Colorado. In 2008, he became one of the candidates for Obama’s United States Secretary of Education. Bennet confirmed his intention to fight for the presidential post of USA on May 2, 2019, via ‘CBS This Morning’.

In Bennet’s Personal Life:

Michael Bennet tied the knot with Susan Diane Daggett on October 26, 1997. Susan Diane Daggett is currently the Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund Attorney. The couple shares three daughters Halina Bennet, Caroline Bennet, and Anne Bennet. The family now lives in Denver’s Congress Park neighborhood. Bennet had prostate cancer and he underwent surgery in April 2019. The surgery was successful and the doctors believe Bennet is totally fine now.

Net Worth of Michael Bennet :

The estimated net worth of Michael Bennet is approximately $15 million. Michael Bennet’s source of income has not just been politics but also he earns from his business. Since Michael was the editor-of-chief in some journals, his source of income in the past was from writing and editing as well. Bennet rose nearly $2.8 million in funds in the year 2019.

Facts about Michael Bennet :

  • Bennet’s major rivals are from the Democratic Party itself.
  • He voted for the Affordable Care Act and doesn’t support Medicare for All.
  • Michael believes abortion is a crime, and it should be strictly punished if the abortion is done after 20 weeks of pregnancy.
  • He is a strong supporter of the LGBT community rights.
  • Michael Bennet legalized the consumption of marijuana for recreational use in Colorado.

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