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Lauren Baker is the current First Lady of Massachusetts who has been in office since January 8, 2015, as her husband, Charlie Baker, succeeded Deval Patrick as Governor of Massachusetts. Baker is also a marketing and advertising expert.

Early Life and Education

Laure Baker was born and raised in Westport, Connecticut. During her sophomore year in high school, the family had to move to Chicago because of her father’s job placement. Hence, Lauren finished up her high schooling New Trier High School and subsequently joined Northwestern University as a major in the commerce sector. Later, she joined Northwestern Kellogg Business School for a post-graduate degree in marketing and brand management.

Persona Life

Lauren Baker is married to Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker since 1987. The couple has three children: Charli, Caroline, and A.J. Baker. All three of them are supposedly doing their college years.

Charlie baker with wife Lauren baker while he was doing his election campaign in Boston.
Charlie baker with wife Lauren baker while he was doing his election campaign in Boston.

Baker remembers that she had to remain off the campaign trail during the 2010 Gubernatorial Election because of her kids. However, as the kids grew up, the baker joined the 2014 campaign trail with full vigor and enthusiasm.


Graduating from the famous Northwestern Kellogg Business School, Lauren Baker joined Dancer Fitzgerald, Madison Avenue, New York in the advertisement department. Later, she moved to Massachusetts to work for Hill Holiday. Also, Lauren has been involved in the marketing, communication, and brand management side of many reputed companies. Besides working as an advertisement expert, Baker is fond of teaching gymnastics, which was her sports forte during the college and high school years.

As husband Charlie Baker assumed the office of Governor in January 2015, Lauren became the First Lady of Massachusetts. Alongside the overwhelming privilege came a lot of undefined responsibilities and confusion. Baker says, “The role of the first lady is almost entirely undefined. It’s challenging in that way because everyone says there’s really no job description so you can do whatever you want. It’s exciting but a little overwhelming.”

After becoming First Lady of Massachusetts, Lauren has vowed to focus on and support ‘children, families, health, education and social sectors’. As a board member of the American Red Cross of Massachusetts, Baker is striving to spread the disaster relief program throughout the country and increase its efficiency. Likewise, she also serves as a member of the Tiffany Circle Society of Women Leaders. Baker founded this organization in collaboration with her philanthropist colleagues.

In order to provide higher education opportunities for low-income people, Baker is engaged in Marian Court College’s board of trustees. Likewise, she is also a member of the Phoenix Charter Academy Foundation Board and Massachusetts Association for Mental Health.

Donald Trump and Lauren Baker

Although Lauren Baker’s Governor husband, Charlie Baker, has repeatedly opposed Donald Trump’s policies and immigration orders, he attended Trump’s inaugural on January 20. Talking about Lauren Baker and Donald Trump, such relations barely exist.

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