Sheena Greitens is the incumbent First Lady of Missouri. She took office on January 9, 2017 as her husband Eric Greitens succeeded Jay Nixon as Governor of Missouri. Sheena and Eric have been married for five years.

Early Life and Education

Sheena Chestnut was born in Pacific Northwest, Missouri to father Tim and mother Janet. Both of her parents are doctors – his father specializes in the pulmonary and critical care and her mother is an oncologist, a doctor of tumors.

Raised with three other siblings, Sheena was heavily engaged in cheerleading and Scottish highland dancing during the high school years. After high school, she went to Stanford University for an undergraduate degree in political science. Subsequently, she joined the University of Oxford as a Marshall Scholar for post-graduate studies. Returning from Oxford, Sheena joined Harvard University for a Ph.D. degree.

Personal Life

Sheen Chestnut married Navy Seal lieutenant commander Eric Greitens on August 7, 2011. Eric is also a graduate in political science from Oxford University. Prior to joining Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, Eric was an Angier B. Duke Scholar at Duke University. The couple has two kids – Joshua and Jacob – and the family happily resides in St. Louis of Missouri.

Governor Eric Greitens with wife Sheena Greitens. The couple has two children.
Governor Eric Greitens with wife Sheena Greitens. The couple has two children.

According to Governor’s website, the Greitens family spends leisure time by reading books and baking cookies. They also like to hang around parks and hiking trails.


Having earned numerous prestigious degrees from the best educational institutions in the world, Sheena Greitens joined the University of Missouri as an assistant professor. Currently, she is largely involved in teaching democracy and dictatorship to the Missouri students. Besides, her teaching focus also touches some bits of east Asian politics, national security, and foreign policies. Sheena is also a researcher at the University of Missouri.

Alongside husband and new Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, Sheena Greitens assumed the responsibilities of the First Lady on January 9, 2017. Hence, it might get difficult for her to manage the schedule between the teaching career and duties as First Lady.

The most important people Sheena cares about are children. So, she has decided to support and lead initiatives and organizations to advocate for foster care and adoption. Sheena’s interest towards adoption was reportedly generated by the fact that one of her sisters was adopted. Ideologically, Shenna believes in the protection of vulnerable children.

Despite First Lady’s efforts to make things better in Missouri, she was robbed by some armed men. This has sparked a security concern in Missouri.

Donald Trump and Sheena Greitens

Although Sheena Greitens is an expert in political science, she is not a very political person. Thus, she doesn’t comment on Donald Trump’s remarks. In the same way, her husband Eric Greitens has refused to comment on any of his executive orders. However, her husband and Trump have some similarities: one of them being that they never held a political position prior to their current positions.



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