Donna Hutto Edwards is the current First Lady of Louisiana who has been in office since January 11, 2016 as her husband, John Bel Edwards, succeeded Bobby Jindal as Governor of Louisiana. The Edwards couple has been together for more than 25 years.

Early Life and Education

Born in Meridian, Mississippi and raised in Amite, Louisiana, Donna Hutto Edwards went to a high school based in Amite for early education. Graduating from the high school, she joined the University of Southern Mississippi for an undergraduate degree in business administration.

Personal Life

Donna Hutto Edwards is married to the incumbent Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards. They met during their time in high school and have kept their relationship intact ever since.

In 1989, the couple ties the sacred knot and gave birth to three children: Sarah, Samantha and John Miller.

Donna Hutto Edwards family with her governor husband John Bel Edwards and children.
Donna Hutto Edwards family with her governor husband John Bel Edwards and children.

Donna likes music.


Graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi, Donna decided to get into teaching profession as a music teacher. Hence, having gained a teaching license, Edwards started teaching at Amite Elementary School. Later, she joined The Lab School of Southeastern University. After working for nine years as a teacher, Edwards became a well-known woman in Amite and other neighborhoods. So, John Bel Edwards uses her wife’s name sometimes to be more influential. As some might have heard, Edwards’ famous line: ‘Remember, the last person I talk to every night is a teacher.’

Besides teaching, Donna Hutto also engages herself in religious programs affiliated to St. Helena Catholic Church, Amite. As a Catholic herself, Edwards is an advocate for Catholicism and helps people who want to convert to Catholicism. The father at St. Helena says, “John Bel and Donna were there the day I got there. They were helping me clean the church my very first day.”

Donna Edwards played a crucial role in the 2015 Gubernatorial Election. She was heavily involved in campaign scheduling, fundraising and designing logos, stickers, and banners. Likewise, as First Lady, Edwards is mainly concentrating to reinstate music lessons in primary schools. She says, “Art and music are more subject to cuts than let’s say athletics. I plan to advocate on those programs behalf.” This motivation comes from knowing the fact that no one was hired to teach music after she left the Amite Elementary School.

First Lady Edwards also said, “I want to be a voice for education. I’m not sure whether it will be some kind of formal platform, but I want to be an advocate, and I’m looking forward to highlighting the need for art and music in every school.”

Donald Trump and Donna Edwards

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Donna Edwards apparently focus on the same sector but with different agendas. While Donna is focusing on including music in primary schools, Trump has a bigger agenda whereby he wants all students to graduate debt-free. In addition, Edwards’ Governor husband is not as hostile against Trump as other Democratic leaders are. He looks forward to working with the new administration.



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