It has been quite a stir in the media as Donald Trump nears his election. The first and foremost question that stands in the way Is that Donald Trump does not respect women and his failed marriage with two of his former wives add up to the buzz. However, we bring you the life story of Donald Trump and Ivana Trump; his first wife. Right from how it all started to how it ended and now where the two of them stand- as enemies or good friends?

Ivana Trump and Donald Trump married life

Ivana Trump and Donald Trump had a one of a kind marriage with Ivana Trump already being a divorcee; a result of her married with an Austrian skier Alfred Winkylmayr. The union of the two lasted very short after which Ivana who is a Czech native met Donald John Trump. The real estate Moghul then married Ivana Trump in 1977 and they had three children namely; Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump.

After their marriage, Ivana worked in her husband’s company and rose to a lot of fame and popularity for obvious reasons- getting the Trump surname. Along with that, the flourishing of Trump Organization happened which added to smoother relations in the couple’s married life for fourteen long years.

Ivana Trump, Donald Trump, and Marla Maples angle

Marla Maples and Donald Trump’s affair was one of the prominent reason why the 14-year-old marriage broke. It was this affair which screwed many things in their married life including their marriage. Marla who was a Georgian model came in like a gush of the wind and Donald Trump being the “man” could not stop himself getting attracted towards her. In fact, the reports also had its rounds that more complications came in this story when Marla turned pregnant too.

Although Ivana Trump is now all okay with whatever happened and feels it all took place for good she also says she cannot forgive Marla Maples for whatever happened as it was because of her their marriage broke. However, the interesting part of the story forms when Ivana wishes the present wife of Trump; Melania Trump a very good luck. Yet Marla, on the other hand, wants to reconcile with Ivana.

Ivana Trump and Donald Trump divorce

The divorce of Ivana and Donald Trump is considered as one of the most expensive divorces of the century. The divorce statement stated that Ivana had claimed Donald as the one who was cruel and inhuman. Additionally, Ivana had even accused Donald Trump of being a rapist of abusing her and so the two decided to end their marriage as both of them could no longer be married to each other.

In the divorce agreement, Ivana was given a $14 million cash settlement (almost like a million for each year they were married), mansion, an apartment at Trump plaza and many more esteemed things that belonged to Donald Trump. You see the most expense divorce of the season.

Ivana Trump marriage after divorce with Trump

After the divorce Ivana Trump went on to get married to Riccardo Mazzucchelli in 1995; however, even that marriage failed to keep up in the racks. Leading a single and on and off relationship life she once again married Rossano Rubicondi in 2008.  However, even this marriage did not work out well. In fact, Ivana Trump has gone on a record to claim that she loves single life much more than this. Well, the lady couldn’t be more honest as she is often seen flaunting her old yet bikini body at many beaches.

Donald Trump marriage after divorce

Donald Trump too went on to marry Marla Maples and Melania Knauss after his divorce to Ivana. Currently married to Melania Trump after his divorce with Ivanka married Melania in a lavish affair in December 1993; two months after his child with Marla their daughter Tiffany Trump was born in the Trump plaza.

However, the marriage lasted six years after which Trump is now married to Melania Trump. He has another son with her who is named as Baron Trump.

Donald and Ivana Trump’s friendship after divorce

Amidst all the bitterness and their failed relationship Ivana Trump still, manages to be one of the closest friends for the Republican nominee. She has gone on a record to say that D. Trump was the one who gave her a chance to excel and have a prolific career along with an American citizenship. They were able to co-parent their children- Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump well and both of them shared a very friendly relation.

While on the recent campaign of Donald Trump where he fighting against Hillary Clinton to serve as the President of USA in the US elections 2016; Ivanka believes that Trump can be calmer to outshine the aggressive personality he has created of himself among the public.

Donald and Ivana Trump’s children

Donald Trump and Ivana Trump’s children have now grown up adults who too have been married to their spouse. The eldest son Donald Trump Jr. is married to Vanessa Haydon and has children too while his daughter Ivanka Trump is also married to Jared Kushner and blesses with kids. The youngest son Eric Trump is married to his lady love Lara Yunaska and they do not have kids yet.

The three siblings are actively seen supporting their father for the Presidential campaign and work together in their father’s company The Trump Organization. Along with that they lost graced their presence in the reality show of Donald Trump- the Apprentice.

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