Dan Rather, who is a well-known journalist famous for his association with CNBC news and his dramatic exit from there has stirred controversy yet again. This time, though the man has stated that there are huge chances of Donald Trump winning the US Presidential Elections 2016.


Donald John Trump who is the Republican Party nominee for the Presidential elections against the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has a higher possibility of slaying the campaign at November. Dan in an interview with the CNBC’s show Squawk Box revealed his stand and opinions about the Republican National Convention.

Additionally, he described Donald Trump as a person who plays on fear and anger. Rather, who previously hosted the show CBS Evening News also shared that The Donald could win and Hillary Clinton and her supporters should be very very afraid of that fact. He also added that he was not speculating a win, but just judging the capability of Donald Trump winning in November as he has a path to follow.

Interestingly Dan also revealed that he did not feel at any cost would the Donald Trump be diplomatic and presidential as he is known for his blunt opinions and approach towards a problem. He insisted that would not happen at all. Also, he finally let out that all of this opinion and views were very much his and only personal so requested the media not to hype it unnecessarily.

Donald Trump, who is fighting the presidential elections this November 2016 is a real estate businessman formerly. The 70-year-old businessman; Trump was previously married to Ivana Trump but divorced her to get hitched with Marla Maples only to be separated and finally settle down with Melania Trump. The Donald has 5 children, namely Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, Tiffany Trump and Baron Trump.

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