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The whole world just hates Donald Trump and have accused him of various things.  Claiming him as a murderer and some coming out with Twitter hashtags like #CanYouHearMeNow; Donald Trump is definitely not the favorite of almost the half of the world. In spite of this fact, there are always going to be 5 people who love Donald Trump to no length. Not just love they love him irrevocably and the mutual feeling are reciprocated by the President nominee. They are his children who not just flaunt their love for Daddy dearest but express it in every way possible.

Donald Trump and eldest son Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr
Donald Trump and his eldest son Donald Trump Jr. at Republican National Convention 2016.

Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. apart from sharing the first name their share quite many interests and habit. Trump Jr.  is the first son of Donald Trump and Ivana Trump who was born on December 31st in 1971 and is the eldest son of the Republican candidate nominee for US Elections 2016.

Donald Trump
President Donald Trump kissing his son Donald Trump Jr. .

Trump Jr. was very close to his maternal grandfather and is very fluent in Czech. Donald Trump Jr. married his wife Vanessa Haydon in 2005 and he has five children out of which 2 are daughters. He was seen supporting his father at RNC in Cleveland and was also the delegate to the convention.

Donald Trump and his son Eric Trump

Eric Trump is the second son of Donald Trump born from his first marriage with his wife Ivana Trump. The owner of Trump Winery, Eric also works at the Eric Trump foundation. Donald Trump has definitely set up the organization for his children as he works as the VP for the organization. He also runs the Eric Trump foundation.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump and Eric Trump together.

Eric Trump is often seen accompanying his father in campaigns and helping him out in it. He has married his longtime girlfriend Lara Yunaska on July 4, 2013.

Donald Trump with his daughter Ivanka Trump

Donald Trump
Donald Trump with Ivanka Trump as a child.

Ivanka Trump is the eldest daughter of Donald Trump from his first wife Ivana Trump. She right now works with her siblings Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump in the Eric Trump foundation. Alongside working as a writer and a model. She is married to Jared Kushner and the couple has three children namely Arabella Rose Kushner, Theodore James Kushner and Joseph Frederic Kushner.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump kissing his daughter Ivanka Trump.

The Donald is very much fond of his daughter Ivanka and was even heard quoting that Donald would not mind dating his daughter Ivanka but alas she was his daughter.

Donald Trump
President Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump together.

Donald Trump and Tiffany Trump

Out of all the relationship he shares with his children the one with Tiffany Trump. Tiffany is Donald Trump’s daughter from Marla Maples Tiffany Trump is the first and only child from Donald Trump and Marla Maples. Marla Maples and Donald Trump got into a relationship while he was still married to Ivana Trump. This extramarital affair led to Tiffany being conceived accidentally and hence Tiffany Trump was born on October 13, 1993. Soon after Tiffany was born Donald Trump got married to Marla Maples in December 1993.

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Tiffany Trump
Tiffany Trump with her half siblings at RNC 2016.

In the recent Republican National Convention 2016, Tiffany was seen sharing her love for her father Donald Trump and was head quoting that Donald Trump is the first person to be contacted when she is in a problem. Ironically though Tiffany and Donald Trump have not stayed together.

Donald Trump and youngest son Barron Trump

Donald Trump with his marriage from Melania Trump has a son named Barron Trump. The youngest child of Donald Trump and Melania Trump; Barron Trump was born on March 20, 2006, and is just ten years old. Often termed as Little Donald; Barron Trump is more close to his mother Melania Trump and his step brothers and sisters from his ex-wives Ivana Trump and Marla Maples. Their love was seen evident in the Republican National Convention 2016 and all of them looked like one big family.

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The youngest Trump was seen sporting navy blue colored suit with a similar navy blue tie matching totally with his father Donald Trump.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump welcoming their youngest son Barron Trump.

And well the children are pretty close it seems; Trumping their way out.

Donald Trump
Barron Trump and Donald Trump Jr. sharing a fist punch while meeting each other.

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