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Elizabeth Christ Trump was the queen of the Trump family who was born on 10th October 1880 and died on 6th June 1966. Elizabeth was born in Germany. She moved to the USA after her marriage in 1992 with Frederick Trump. Three children were raised by Elizabeth until the early death of her husband required her to manage her husband’s properties in order to support her family. The Elizabeth Trump & Son, the real estate development company was founded by Elizabeth and her son Fred Trump. At the present, the company is known as The Trump Foundation recently which is handled and possessed by Donald Trump, grandson of Elizabeth.

Early life

In Kallstadt, as Elisabeth Christ, Elizabeth Trump was born to the Philipp Christ and his wife Anna Maria Christ in Germany. The income from their family’s vineyard was not sufficient to satisfy their requirements so her father Philip Christ did the job as a tinker. In Kallstadt, on Frankenheim Strasse, Philip Christ operated his trade from his home. His business was across the house of Trump family.


In 1901, a relatively young rich man, Frederick Trump came back from America. At the age of 16, He had emigrated to America when Elizabeth had been five years old in 1885. In Klondike Gold Rush, fortune was made by Fredrick with the restaurant. He pursued Elizabeth when he returned over the protests of his mother. His mother objected Elizabeth because his mother felt that her successful son deserve to have a bride from wealthier more cultured family. However, Elizabeth was proposed by Fredrick Trump and she accepted. On 26 August 1902, Elizabeth and Fredrick married in a Church. At the nearby town Ludwigshafen, as per the law, an additional civil ceremony was necessary which was conducted before the registered. At the time of their wedding, Elizabeth and Fredrick were 22 and 33 years.


Elizabeth was taken to New York by Frederick and in the predominantly German quarter of Morrisania, they arranged house in an apartment in the Bronx. Fredrick works as hotel and restaurant manager whereas Elizabeth kept at the house. On 20th April 1904, their first baby named Elizabeth was born.

In 1905, the trump family returned back to the United States. Elizabeth gave birth to second child Fred Trump and in the Bronx, they arranged house on 177th street. The trump family shifted to Queens after the birth of their third child, john where real estate was developed by Fredrick.

Founding Elizabeth Trump & Son

For maintaining the real estate business occurred, Elizabeth had an “extraordinary aptitude”. An empty piece of property which is left by her Fredrick was constructed houses by Elizabeth by hiring contractors, the houses were sold and took the advantages of debts settled by current owners. Elizabeth sight was after completing school by her children, she wanted to be continuity of the family business by her children.

She established the company “Elizabeth Trump & Son” because Fred wished to begin earlier. On the behalf of her son Fred, legal documents were signed by Elizabeth when Fred was junior. She had to perform the closings of real estate. Elizabeth Trump & Son was formally incorporated in 1927 when Fred was 22 years. Elizabeth existed engaged for the whole of her life where Fred grew completely successful in business. In Trump buildings, coins collected by Elizabeth even in her 70s from the laundromats.

Personal life

Elizabeth was known the matron of the Trump family. She had a “remarkable determination”. She dressed very traditionally and formally. She had a strict bearer as well as she was diligent. She existed very near to her son, Fred for her whole life.  Elizabeth’s husband Fredrick died in 1918 due to Influenza.

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