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Frederick Christ “Fred” Trump was a philanthropist as well as an American real estate developer. He was also known as the father of United States Appeals Judge Mary Anne Trump Barry and businessman and 45th US president Donald Trump.

Along the East Coast, near the shipyards single family houses were constructed and organized by Trump’s development company for U.S. Navy personnel in Queens, Garden apartments, and barracks. In New York City, more than 27,000 apartments were constructed by Trump’s company.


On 11th October, on East Tremont Avenue, Trump was born in the Bronx of New York City. He was born to Elizabeth Christ Trump and Frederick Trump who are German emigrants as three children along with his siblings Elizabeth Trump Walters and John. Kallstadt, Rhineland-Palatinate, is the small town of German from where his father migrated in 1885 to New York City. Around 1900, for shortly he returned to German and again Trump re-migrated to New York City.

When Fred Trump was 13 years old, his father passed away. He did the job as a “horse helper” after school by carrying lumber to building areas. It was his first job which he did after his father death.


In 1927, it has been stated without indisputable evidence, in Brooklyn, New York, Trump was arrested at a rally of a Ku Klux Klan which turned harsh. The New York Times questioned to Donald Trump about the accuracy of his father’s arrest. Donald Trump declined the statements despite, he debated address of Fred declared in the actual report. At the time of Fred arrest, he did truly reside which has been confirmed. The seven arrestees wore klan attire clearly expressed in one article on the riot in 2nd June 1927 in Long Island Daily Press.


At the age of 15, Trump turned out to be a carpenter in 1920. By the establishment Elizabeth Trump & Son, Fred Trump moved into the real estate development and manufacturing business, with his mother Elizabeth Christ Trump. The checks were signed by his mother when Fred was below 21. In 1923, Fred constructed a first house with a US$800 in Woodhaven which he took a loan from his mother, Elizabeth Trump. For US$7,000, he ended it. E. Trump & Son, traditionally integrated when Fred was 22 years, in 1927.

Single-family houses were started to construct by Trump in the late 1920s and for $3,990 each were sold. In the middle of the Great Depression, the concept of a supermarket with the trump market was assisted by Fred to pioneer by the mid-1930s in Woodhaven. They advertised “Serve Yourself and Save!” which turned an immediate hit. King Kullen supermarket chain was sold by Fred after a year.

Fred Trump constructed garden apartments and barracks near major shipyards along the East Coast, inclusive of Norfolk Virginia, Pennsylvania, Chester, Virginia and Newport News for U.S. Navy personnel during the World War II. For the families of returning veterans, He extended it into middle-income housing building. In 1949, in Bensonhurst, building Shore Heaven and near Coney Island in 1950, Beach Heaven, altogether 2,700 apartments. For US$70 million, in Coney Island, an apartment complex was constructed as trump village in 1963–1964 by Fred Trump.

In the neighborhoods of Coney Island, Bensonhurst, Flatbush, Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach in Flushing, Jamaica Estates and Brooklyn in Queens, Fred proceeded to construct and run accessible rental housing via large apartment complexes, inclusively row houses and over 27,000 low-income multifamily apartments in New York City. His company Trump Management Co. was joined by his son, Donald Trump when he was 22 years in 1968.

In 1954, for profiteering from public contracts by a U.S. Senate committee, including enhancing charges by US$3.7 million of Beach Haven building. In 1954, William F. McKe assigned to explore misconduct Federal Housing Foundation in evidence in front of the Senate Banking Committee which referred to Fred C. Trump and his co-worker William Tomasello as example specimen of how Senate committee  surplus was generated utilizing the FHA by builders.

After investigation, McKenna came to conclude that trump and his colleague for a part of land paid $34,200 which they leased out to their company for over above $60,000 per annual in a 99-year lease, so that if it defaulted, constructed by them, $1.5 million would be owed by the FHA on it. Then, Trump and his co-worker Tomasello secured loans for more than the cost of apartments i.e. $3.5 million.

Following the proof of Trump’s the Beach Heaven’s 25,00 tenants proceeded against the FHA and Trump, stating that unexpected gain made by builders in September 1954 where they collected loans more than the actual constructing cost and therefore rents unsuitably raised.

One of the tenant in Fred Trump’s apartment complexes from 1950 in Brooklyn,Folk icon Woody Guthrie, reported his disapproval with Fred as a landowner, penning lyrics which put on trial for inspiring up feeling revulsion toward ethnic “in the bloodsport of human hearts “. The U.S. Justice Department’s, Civil Rights Division registered a civil rights legal action in opposition to the Trump organization claiming that it ignored to black people to rent at his apartments. After school, Fred worked as a horse helper by loading numbers to building areas which was his first job as well.


At the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, the building of the Trump Pavilion was assisted by Trump and his wife. The buildings were granted to the Community Mainstreaming Associates of Great Neck and the Cerebral Palsy Foundation of New York and New Jersey, the National Kidney Foundation of New York or New Jersey. Moreover, humanitarian benefaction made to the Long Island Jewish Hospital and Hospital for Special Surgery.


Fred Trump was married to Marry Anne Macleod who was Scottish immigrant in 1936. Mary Anne was emigrated in miserable poverty to the United States on 2nd May 1930. Mary Anne gave birth to five children after their wedding, three sons, and two daughters; Fredrick “Fred” Jr., Donald and Robert and Maryanne and Elizabeth Trump.

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For six years, Trump was suffered by a disease named Alzheimer’s. Then, he got ill with pneumonia and in New Hyde Park Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Fred was admitted. After few weeks, he passed away in the same medical where he was admitted. At the Marble Collegiate Church, Fred’s funeral held. At $250 million to $300 million, His family evaluated his estate.

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