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President Donald Trump is ready to meet the North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un under the right circumstances. Trump said he would be honored to meet the DPRK leader.

The military tension between US and DPRK is growing these days because of the series of missile test done by North Korea. Leader Kim also threatens to do a possible nuke test and the US is not happy at all. Besides that North Korea is aiming for a successful intercontinental nuke that would reach the US.

US wants DPRK to dismantle all the nuclear weapons that are a threat to the Region and the World.  When the media asked the White House Secretary Sean Spicer about Donald Trump being honored to meet Kim Jong-Un he said: “ Mr.Kim is still the head of State and there is the certain diplomatic piece to it”. But Donald Trump assured that military actions are on table id DPRK cross its limits.

Donald Trump said that small missile tests do not bother him but his warning to DPRK is clear if they test any nuclear weapon.

China is the Norths biggest ally and the US have some pressure from China for diplomacy with DPRK. US is strongly working with China, Japan, and South Korea to handle DPRK’s ongoing threats. Isolating North from both economic and diplomatic connection would probably bring the threat down.


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