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Ivana Trump is a Czech-American associate and former fashion model.  The divorce of Ivana and Trump was the most expensive divorce. They ended up 14 years of their marriage when the tabloid headlines hit the media of Trump’s affair with Marla Maples.

Divorce papers alleged Trump as “cruel and inhuman”. The file reports he had misdemeanor towards his wife. According to 1993 book ‘Lost Tycoon’, The Many Lives of Donald Trump’, after the  botched scalp surgery, Trump showed  his animosity to his wife, all his love and affection had been died then for which Ivana abused as “rape”. The allegation to Trump   showed they can no longer be in the state of married relationship so it was safe they end their marriage. She was married from 1997 until the divorce was finalized in 1992. But the divorce was a messy one, with Ivana claiming Trump’s estate was worth nearly $5billion, not the $2.1billion stated in court papers.

Ivana got $14 million cash settlement, family’s 45 room Greenwich, mansion, the family’s 45-room Connecticut estate, an apartment at Trump Plaza and use of Donald’s Palm Beach Mansion, Mar-a-Lago, and every March. After the divorce, Ivana wed Riccardo Mazzucchelli in 1995, but that ended in two years. In 2008, she married Rossano Rubicondi for quite some time. She has even said that she loves singular life although she likes the company of males and even says she won’t marry again. She has 3 boyfriends recently.

She admits that Trump gave her chance to excel her career. She was involved in several of Trump’s real estate projects, renovation of Grand Hyatt Hotel. She served as president of Atlantic City Castle, Casino Resort, and Plaza Hotel. After the divorce, they said they had an amicable relation and they co-parented their children well. And it is said Ivana wishes good luck to Melania marriage to Trump, his third wife and she has no ill regards. But, she won’t accept the apology to her made by Marla Maples, Trump’s second wife, because it was her who broke their imperial marriage. On the current bid of presidency campaign, Ivana and Trump aren’t showing disparage and are supporting each other.

She even says during the run, Trump should be more calm and polite to keep the pace on election, his outspoken personality can be agitating to public.

The high   profile Ex Trump are battling at Gannett, a news media, which  sue to unseal the divorce records about  Ivana’s accusation on Trump for  rape ,  after 26 years  of their separation. Her lawyer Ira Garr said that the contents of the divorce file would not persuade voters to move for or against the GOP candidate. They hadn’t reached the settlement but law may invade their relationship .The Trumps had filed separate legal briefs requesting a judge in Manhattan to stop the public from scrutinizing the end of their marriage, Politico said. The American public has a right to know if Ivana Trump really did accuse her husband of raping her during their 1990 divorce proceedings. The two have been seen together lately with Ivana supporting his presidential campaign.


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