The tension provoked by German Chancellor Angela Merkel ‘s statements in which she has criticized the United States and its new president, Donald Trump , does not appear to be remitting, and on Tuesday both have commented on this line .

Trump, as usual, has resorted to his Twitter account to describe the US commercial and military policies as “very bad” for the United States. “We have a massive trade deficit with Germany, in addition to paying much less than they should to NATO and the military, very bad for US. This will change,” he wrote, insisting on his request that members of the Alliance Allocate 2% of their GDP to defense .

After the G7 summit in Taormina (Italy) this weekend Merkel did not hesitate to verbalize the paradigm shift that has meant the arrival of Donald Trump to the White House in the external relations that Europe has traditionally maintained with the United States.

“The times in which we could rely completely on the others have partly ended, so I experienced it the last few days, and for that reason I can only say: we Europeans must have our destiny in our hands,” said the chancellor.

The times in which we could rely completely on the others have in part ended. This is how I experienced the last days

Merkel and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have called Tuesday for closer cooperation between the two countries in a bilateral meeting marked by mistrust between the United States and Europe.

With her eyes on Trump’s protectionist policy, Merkel has once again called for Europe’s independence and for strengthening relations with strategic partners such as India. “We are a global world and India is a partner we are interested in,” she said.

On the question of a supposed turn in transatlantic relations, Merkel has said that “Europe must be an actor that can also intervene internationally”. At this point she stressed that the common foreign policy of the countries of the European Union and immigration policy should be improved.


“In view of the current situation it has become clear that we must take our destiny into our hands,” she insisted. However, making Europe walk alone does not mean turning a back on the United States or other partners, she said while recalling that transatlantic relations continue to have a significant importance.

“This meeting is not in any way directed against other relations and at all against the transatlantic relations that historically have a great importance for us and will continue to be so in the future,” she added.

For the German leader, India is a “reliable partner” in large projects. Also, at a time when the Paris Climate Agreement seems to be waterlogged by the threat of the United States deciding to quit, Merkel has expressed its satisfaction that India has signed the agreement and offered its support to get it going.

Meanwhile, a number of political leaders have called for continued resistance to Trump’s policies. The leader of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and Merkel’s main rival in the September elections, Martin Schulz, has stated that “it is the order of the day to oppose this man with everything we stand for.”

Those who do not oppose these US policies will become accomplices

“Those who do not oppose these US policies will become accomplices,” said Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, also a member of the SPD. “Those who accelerate climate change through less protection of the environment, the sale of more weapons in conflict zones, and have no interest in resolving religious conflicts through diplomacy, are endangering peace in Europe,” he added.

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