You can say louder, but not clearer: “F**k you, Mr. President.” So striking is the cover of Rolling Stone magazine against US President Donald Trump for his decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement .

Trump is a “new kind of leader,” Matt Taibbi writes, “one who stumbles like a drunk up Capitol Hill, but manages even in defeat to continually pull the country in his direction, transforming not our laws but our consciousness, one shriveling brain cell at a time.” Illustration by Victor Juhasz

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Just as hard as the cover, which is dominated by an illustration by Victor Juhasz, is the text that explains it, in the interior pages. “Trump is a new kind of leader, one who stumbles like a drunk on Capitol Hill, but lead the country in his direction, transforming not only our laws, but our consciences,” writes Matt Taibbi.

The magazine adds to the worldwide rejection that has generated the decision of Trump, although he insists that is the best decision for the country. US governors, mayors and businessmen, stunned by the president’s move, have already announced that they will take the fight against climate change in their hands and do their best to reduce emissions.

A majority of Americans in each state – 69% of the country’s voters – believe the United States should participate in the agreement, according to a recent survey of Yale University’s climate change program.

Industrial and business leaders, academics and opposition politicians-as well as a handful of Republicans-have condemned Trump’s decision, and small demonstrations erupted in Washington and New York.

Michael Bloomberg, the eighth richest man in the world according to Forbes and current UN envoy for climate change, pledged $ 15 million to support the organization’s efforts in its fight against global warming. The same figure that the UN will no longer perceive from Washington after Trump’s decision.

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