Former Vice President Joe Biden, who was actually confirmed as a candidate for the Democratic Party in the United States, was also controversial. This time, it is expected that the democratic party’s main support base will be a story about black people. The rival Republican Party’s President Donald Trump‘s camp has already begun to attack.

“If you have trouble judging whether to support me or Trump, you are not a black” said. This remark was interpreted to mean that black people should support themselves in the November presidential election.

The radio show The Breakfast Club starring former vice president Joe Biden (right) with the host Shalamane the Guard in the left.
The radio show “The Breakfast Club” starring former vice president Joe Biden (right) with the host Shalamane the Guard in the left.

This remark came at the end of the broadcast. The broadcast was a video of the black host “Shalamane The Guard” and Biden, who told Biden to come to the studio in New York for another interview and said, “We have more questions.” “Is there a lot of questions?” He said. Biden leaned forward in front of the camera when making this remark and pronounced each word strongly, pointing at the camera with the paper he held in his hand.

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In response, the host replied, “This is not related to Trump at all, it is related to the facts.” Biden replied, “Look at my history.”

After the broadcast, there was a great controversy. It was pointed out that Biden’s remarks included racist perceptions of a black voter as a star who thoughtlessly photographed himself. On Twitter, the hashtag ‘#YouAintBlack’ (prefixed with # to make search easier) became popular. YouTube, where the broadcast video was posted, exceeded 600,000 views, and many comments criticized Biden in nearly 20,000 comments. Among the many reactions such as “I’m arrogant” and “I’m disgusting,” one user said, “The fact that Biden laughed when he said ‘We have a lot of questions’ proves that many people think black people will not wear their heads. To do it. ”

Trump’s camp immediately criticized Biden’s remarks as “racist and dehumanizing.” “Byden thinks blacks are not capable of independent and free thinking,” said Katrina Pearson, senior adviser for black policy at Trump Camp. “This is a hostile racial attack.” “Beyden truly believes that a 77-year-old white man himself should dictate how black people should act,” said Pearson. “He has a history of racism. The black people know that Joe Biden is not eligible for our vote. ”

Selling t-shirts with Biden's comments on the official website
Selling t-shirts with Biden’s comments on the official website

On that account, Trump Camp started selling t-shirts with Biden’s comments on the official website within hours of the controversy over the story. The white short-sleeved T-shirt says ‘#YouAintBlack’ and the ‘Joe Biden’ underneath is 30 dollars (about 37,000 won). The description of the product included phrases such as ‘Joe Biden tells black Americans that they are not black if they support Trump’.

Former Vice President Biden went on to explain and regret. “Byden devoted his political life to fighting on their side for the black community,” said Symone Sanders, Biden Camp’s chief advisor. “It was a record victory.” “We shouldn’t have been so nervous,” former Vice President Biden said on a phone call to the Black Chamber of Commerce this afternoon. Biden said, “The essence of all this is that I’m so insensitive.”I know a comment came out that I take the black vote for granted. But I have never done that before.”

Former Vice President Biden and President Trump are competing for black support before the November presidential election. According to a recent poll, Biden is ahead of Trump’s 30-40 percentage points in black voter approval, according to US political media The Hill.

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