US President Donald Trump postpones post-September the summit of major countries by the seven advanced countries (G7) that he was aiming to hold in the United States in late June on May 30th. Expressed his intention to do so. He also revealed his intention to invite Russia, India, Australia, and South Korea, and also showed his willingness to expand the G7 framework with a view to countering China.

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He told reporters on board a presidential plane from Southern Florida to Washington. President Trump said, “The G7 is a very outdated framework,” and it is possible that the four invited countries will be candidates for a discussion at the summit to expand the framework.

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A senior White House official told reporters that the summit would be a forum for discussing China’s response. The Trump administration has clarified its confrontation stance with China over the response to the new coronavirus, the situation in Hong Kong, etc.

Trump explained that the schedule will be adjusted around the time of the United Nations General Assembly that will open in New York on September 15, but it may be delayed after the presidential election in November.

In March, the presidency, the United States, decided to change from a conference at Presidential Camp Camp David in the suburbs of Washington to a video conference format in response to the spread of the new virus. After that, Trump turned to a policy of holding in the United States, but Germany’s Prime Minister Angela Merkel has declined to attend due to the situation of infection.

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