President Obama just expelled 35 Russian Diplomats including their families accusing them for the hacking of Democratic operatives during the election and spying. This move is considered as the retaliation against Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed that he would not react to this situation by expelling back US diplomats from Russia. Putin also said that he is waiting to work with Trump after his inauguration happening after 20 days. It shows that relation between Trump and Putin is very good and they will be working for good in future.

In Response Trump tweeted which said Putin is a very smart man and he knew it. Trump and Putin both have denied allegations about Kremlin interfering on US elections. Democrats have been doubting that Putin played important role to make election in favor of Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton.

This tweet was immediately re-tweeted by Russian Embassy in Washington which shows deeper connection between Trump and Russia.

But this move of Obama Administration was supported by Paul D. Ryan (Houe Speaker) and Mitch McConnell; John McCain might call hearing on cyber activities soon.

Republican Adam Schiff saif that Russia is using Trump and taking advantage by praising him. Many Democrats and even some Republicans are dissatisfied because Trump consider Russia as an Ally.

Two Russian Compounds Shut Down by Obama Administration

Besides expelling 35 Russian Diplomats including their family by Obama Administration, they also shutted two recreational compound used by Russian Diplomats. Obama claims that the Compounds were used to spying and attending the secret meeting against United states by protecting themselves from getting ensnared by U.S authority.

The dock compound near Centerville used by Russin Diplomats for recreational purpose which is now shutted dowm by Obama Administration.
The dock compound near Centerville used by Russian Diplomats for recreational purpose which is now shut down by Obama Administration.

Russian Diplomats claims that this is a harassment created by US government on Russians working here. Even now Obama Administration is not able to bring good proof why these Diplomats are considered harmful. Obama also said that “US diplomats are also being harassed in Moscow”. He may be referring the case of Ryan C. Fogle who was charged by Russian officials accusing him of bribing Russian security for spying.

Despite of these moves of Obama, Putin seems to remain calm. But any further retaliation may cause irritation in Moscow tension may rise between US-Russia.

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